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Ethnic Minorities: Tolerance or Revival of Old Hatreds - Research Paper Example

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Ethnic Minorities: Tolerance or Revival of Old Hatreds Name: Institutional Affiliation: Ethnic Minorities: Tolerance or Revival of Old Hatreds Introduction In every large society there are ethnic minorities whose origin, life style, culture and language differ from that of the majority group…
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Ethnic Minorities: Tolerance or Revival of Old Hatreds
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Download file to see previous pages Ethnic minorities in North America tend to be segregated to the inner cities which are less desirable while the middle and the upper class live in small urban cities which appear to be homogenous. The elite minorities in Latin American cities were found in one area of the city where they were highly populated. According to Essed (1996) in history most cases and most writings, the issue of ethnic minority involves the aspect of tolerance and revival of old hatreds ethnic minority in relation to the state-religion domination. Minority Groups and Tolerance in European Countries According to Wirth (1945), a minority group is a collection of individuals who owing to their cultural or physical characteristics are singled out from the rest of the community or society in which they live and are treated unequally or differently thereby becoming items of collective discrimination. Minority may be based on race or ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, age or disability. For quite a long time, dominant groups in Europe and the United States of America have discriminated against the minority. The issue of hatred and tension between majority and minority groups exists practically to-date in European countries. In fact, there is almost no chance that in the recent future minorities will seize to exist in the countries. The constitution has been a stable ground upon which segregation has been dealt with. Similarly, organizations such as the European Union have quite been successful in dealing with the tensions that arise between the majorities and minorities in respect of their specific policies against minority discrimination. In the future, governments in consideration of the achievements of such policies will need to adopt similar measures. In many countries, minority-majority differences have resulted in violence and deaths. In France for example, the Jews which is a minority group constantly were massacred. In later years, the level of tolerance to the Jews in France increased slightly with close to 100, 000 of the Jews being expelled from the country instead of being killed by the Frenchmen and French women (Sahin-Dikmen and Marsh, 2003). Alternatively, they were forced to live in areas that were highly segregated with poor living conditions. The manner in which French nationals treated its minorities led to the inducement of resentment in the local minorities against the majority group. Germany is once country that has grappled greatly with the resentment of the majority group against the minorities if the Nazi racial policy is to go by. In fact, the Nazi Nuremberg laws in Germany are known to be one of the worst of policies against minorities for its explicitness in this respect (Sahin-Dikmen and Marsh, 2003). Similar to many European countries, Germany has, from the 1950s, accepted immigrants to reside and work in the country to fulfill its need for labor. However, many of these people experience a lot of hatred and discrimination from many of the Germans. The minority groups have also had to respond in similar ways, sometimes ganging up to attack native Germans. In a bid to counter this hatred, the German government is advocating for people’s integration and tolerance to one another. Since its independence, America has experienced periods of racial prejudice as well as ethnic minorities. Ethnicity in America and Europe in general has historically been viewed in a different way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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