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Multi-State Licensure: Benefits and Risks - Essay Example

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Multi-State Licensure : Benefits and Risks Subject Teacher Date Abstract This essay tried to explore the different aspects of Multi-State Licensure. Modern communication has changed the field of Nursing in profound manner. Telenursing is a common practice now a day…
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Multi-State Licensure: Benefits and Risks
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose is to show readers both aspects in order to take any side. At the end personal view is presented again, which is in the favor of Licensure. The state of Massachusetts should adopt the bill considering the positive aspects and the main spirit behind Multi-State Licensure. Multi-State Licensure : Benefits and Risks Nursing is an important aspect of healthcare. It is a demanding job and needs fully dedicated people. In modern times the rapid changes in communication modes have influenced everything including nursing. Old laws regarding nursing came under scrutiny and in 1996 The United States Congress passed the Telecommunications Act. From this act started a new campaign and in 2000 Maryland, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin adopted the first Nurse Licensure Compact. Multi-State Licensure allows a nurse licensed in a compact state to practice across state lines in another compact state without having to obtain a license in the other state. A compact state is a state that has passed the interstate compact. An interstate compact is an agreement between two or more states established for the purpose of remedying a particular problem of multi-state concern. Implementation requires enactment of an identical compact by each state legislature. The Nurse Licensure Compact allows a nurse licensed in one “home” compact state to practice in a party compact state without getting an extra nursing license. It is compared with driving license. The Nurse Licensure Compact is put into practice through laws passed by the legislature of each participating state. The essence of any state Compact law must allow the nursing board of that state to recognize individuals licensed as nurses from other participating compact states. The compact is enforceable as law and cannot be changed without the consent of all party states. Massachusetts should adopt Multi-State Licensure. The spirit of this legislation is the improvement of healthcare. It is the responsibility of the state to provide best possible healthcare facilities to the people. In order to improve the state of affair and adopt with the changing situation it is important to take into consideration Multi-State Licensure. The opinion regarding Multi-State Licensure is developed after considering the below mentioned different aspects. All US nursing boards are trying to protect public health and safety. A coordinated licensure information system called NURSYS promotes attainment of this goal through access to information on the licensing and disciplinary history of each nurse. Joining the compact allows sharing of information through NURSYS. This helps in getting up to date information about different states nurses. This helps in recognizing the best and improves the healthcare standards. Joining also helps the state to influence the interstate nursing policies. Each member state becomes a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators. This group participates in monthly conference calls and meets twice a year to discuss issues and write the rules and regulations governing the compact. Due to the increased mobility the compact provides, issues that affect nurses in one state will have a greater impact on another state’s nurses. These issues can range from background check requirements to policies regarding military nurses. Only member state would be able to participate in the negotiations and have a voice in developing new policies concerning these issues. Mutual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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