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Documentation: An Essential Nursing Tool - Research Paper Example

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Documentation: An Essential Nursing Tool Name of the of the University Introduction In the field of medical practice, it is extremely important to follow all the rules related to the care and treatment procedure of patients. People working in the field of medicine and nursing have the responsibility to remain alert and balanced while treating their patients…
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Documentation: An Essential Nursing Tool
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Download file to see previous pages Nurses need to be aware of the fact that even though the errors committed while patient care are not intentional, they still have a life threatening effect on patient’s life (Croke, 2003, p.54). Sadly, the cases of malpractice against nurses have seen the rising trend. From 253 cases of nurses making payments in malpractice cases in 1998, the number increased to 413 in 2001 (Croke, 2003, p.54). This shows that there is lack of proper understanding about the legal and professional responsibilities and limitations among the people working in the field of nursing. If malpractice cases are to be reduced and if the professional lives of people working in the field of nursing is to remain untarnished, then it is extremely important for them to understand the necessity of following the rules set in the field of practice, with care and complete alertness. However, what is more important is to understand the causes of malpractice as they lie at the roots of malpractice. Hence, to eradicate the possibility of malpractice, it is essential for nurses to understand the core values of nursing because following the core values is the only way to eradicate the root cause of malpractice which is ‘negligence’. ...
Negligence In the field of nursing, when an injury is caused to a patient due to a failure on the part of the nurse to fulfill the duty of care, then the act of failure on the part of nurse is called as ‘negligence’ (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). However, the negligence that occurs is a result of carelessness shown by the professional, and is not intentional in nature (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). Also, in case of negligence, the individual does not even believe that the negligence will result in negative consequences (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). When a professional in the field of nursing faces a legal action due to negligence, it results in feeling of shame and denial (Larson & Elliott, 2010, p.154). Hence, it is extremely important for a professional nurse to act with prudence and balance while performing the duty of care (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). Gross Negligence Gross negligence comes under a category of reckless behavior on the part of nursing professional (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). Gross negligence can be called as ‘intentional’ because in this case, the professional nurse shows deliberate disregard to the well-being and rights of patient, even after knowing that his reckless behavior will most likely result in injury to the patient (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). Gross negligence is deliberate deviation from the line of duty where the act in itself shows indifference and carelessness in performing the duty (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). Hence, in case of gross negligence, the act of negligence is evident from the act itself, and one does not have to wait for the consequences to see if it is negligence or not (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). Hence, gross negligence is punishable as the negligence is practiced with complete awareness of the negative consequences of the act (Sharpe, 1999, p.17). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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