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The neurotransmittion pathology and thier malfuction due to cancer - Research Paper Example

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Running head: NEUROTRANSMISSION PATHOLODIES AND THEIR MALFUNCTIONS DUE TO CANCER The neurotransmission pathologies and their malfunctions due to cancer Author’s name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The neurotransmission pathologies and their malfunctions due to cancer were studied in the context of the given research task…
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The neurotransmittion pathology and thier malfuction due to cancer
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Download file to see previous pages Such disease as cancer can be the reason of various transmitter pathologies. The study of the Leipzig University showed that at least one of the three cancer patients in German hospitals also has neurotransmitter pathology. Cancer patients with the psyche abnormal are more likely to complain of pain and tend to suicide. ). Cancer also leads to decreased concentration ability, disruption of thinking, change in level of consciousness, disorientation, violation of perception, disorders of the sleep cycle, memory impairment, etc. Even schizophrenia can be provoked by cancer. Besides, these two diseases share common genetic roots. Thus, it is necessary to treat both physical and mental disorders simultaneously. Key words: cancer, mental disorder, neurotransmission pathologies, neurotransmitter, schizophrenia. For a long time the mental and physical health were treated separately from each other, that, according to the World Federation for Mental Health, was not beneficial to patients. That is why the main theme of World Mental Health Day-2010 was the relationships between mental and physical conditions and their importance for providing the most effective patient care. According to the World Health Organization, more than 450 million people worldwide suffer from mental disorders. Approximately 121 million patients' mental disorders are accompanied by serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Sergei Tyulyandin, a head of clinical pharmacology and chemotherapy, the deputy director of Clinical Oncology Research Center in Moscow, reported that many cancer patients, as a result of special treatment, recover, they need not only social support, but professional help of psychologists and psychiatrists for their early return to normal work and social activities (WHO, 2010). Approximately half of cancer patients have the developing mental disorders. In descending order, these disorders are as follows: violation of adaptability, affective disorders, organic mental disorders, personality changes, fears. Each of these disorders can be treated under the influence of psychotherapy and / or psychopharmacological methods. “Neurotransmitters, as well as hormones, are primary messengers, but their release and the mechanism of action in chemical synapses are very different from those of hormones. In the presynaptic cell, vesicles, containing neurotransmitter, release it locally into the very small synaptic gap” (WHO, 2010). Drawback of any of the neurotransmitters can cause a variety of disorders, such as various types of depression. And such disease as cancer, especially its severe forms, can be the reason of transmitter pathologies (Tilan, & Kitlinska, 2010). The study of the Leipzig University, during which 689 patients with various tumors were surveyed, showed that at least one of the three cancer patients in German hospitals also has neurotransmission pathology. As it turned out, 32% of patients suffered from mental illness, 11.6% had several mental disorders. Most often it was depression. The patients perceived the diagnosis and chemotherapy seriously (Universitat Leipzig, 2007). Patients with the psyche abnormal are more likely to complain of pain. However, psychological factors are too often used to explain the pain that has no medical issues. Cancer patients have a moderately increased risk of suicide (mostly within 1 year after diagnosis). Risk factors include ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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