Encouraging Prosocial Behavior Babies in a Group Setting - Essay Example

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Babies are capable of showing empathy, as this article show and as we have read in "The Visible Empathy of Infants and Toddlers". Prosocial babies also make friends early and show affection for their friends and caregivers in ways such as giving hugs or kisses. …
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Encouraging Prosocial Behavior Babies in a Group Setting
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Extract of sample "Encouraging Prosocial Behavior Babies in a Group Setting"

"Learning to be Me while Coming to Understand We: Encouraging Prosocial Behavior Babies in a Group Setting" attempts to prove that, with a high quality of care and good modeling from the teacher, it is possible for babies to become prosocial. More babies than ever have to learn the concepts of "me" and "we" at the same time as a growing number of infants are placed in child care centers. The author found prosocial behavior in three classrooms in particular. These classrooms were in above average accredited child care centers and contained children from ages 3 to 18 months. The author defines prosocial behavior as voluntary behavior that is intended to benefit another, such as helping, sharing or comforting. Some other examples of prosocial behavior are respect, empathy, and affection. Respect plays a very important role in the development of a prosocial baby. In the three classrooms that the author observed, the caregivers and teachers all modeled showing respect for themselves, their colleagues and the children that they cared for. Through this modeling, babies receive lessons on how to respond to others and they begin to learn about empathy. Babies are capable of showing empathy, as this article show and as we have read in "The Visible Empathy of Infants and Toddlers". Prosocial babies also make friends early and show affection for their friends and caregivers in ways such as giving hugs or kisses. Babies who are prosocial also feel a sense of belonging to their community. In a caring classroom, where babies are respectfully taught messages about expected behaviors , babies begin to engage in activities together and play with each other. They begin to develop a respect for their selves, for property and for others. Sadly, not all young babies are prosocial. Indeed, the capacity for prosocial behavior is greatly underestimated in infants and because of that these caring behaviors are often not focused on with children younger than 2. However, in classrooms where the teacher models prosocial behaviors, babies showed these behaviors themselves. With a high quality of care and with the teacher as a positive role model, it is possible for babies to become prosocial. Read More
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