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I had interviewed an elderly male,75 years old, widowed and still mobile with minimal assistance,living in an apartment with his son.Due to confidentiality of information,client’s identity was not stated…
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An aging report - visiting the elderly
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Download file to see previous pages I had interviewed an elderly male, 75 years old, widowed and still mobile with minimal assistance, living in an apartment with his son. Due to confidentiality of information, client’s identity was not stated.He does not take a bath everyday for he feels cold although he wanted to.He believed taking a bath everyday would actually help alleviate the roughness of his skin.When permission was sought to see his bed room for observation purposes Client X wore loose and free-flowing white t-shirt and pajamas. He indicated that his sleeping position needed frequent changing as advised by his doctor to avoid pressure sores. Likewise, it was also recommended to massage his bony prominences. Observing his physical appearance, one noticed that his nails were properly trimmed, he wore eyeglasses and dentures. Based on the following observations, the physical status and appearance of the client manifested changes expected of an elderly (Udan, 8). He can take care of his personal needs except in urination and meal preparation. His son’s wife provides him meals. He strongly believes that his wellness is due to his son’s commitment to bring him to the clinic for regular check-up. Expressing his outlook verbally was a difficult task for him. He revealed that lots of people feel bored because he spoke slowly. Aside from that, some people had to repeat their words or shout because of hearing impairment. As a consequence, I was advised to put some of my instructions in writing. When asked about his plans for the future, he projected a melancholy appearance as he averred, “I think there’s no future left for me. At this age, I only think of the time when I can no longer be with my son. Of course, everybody fears death. And if there’s something I dream and hope for, that is to see my grandchildren before I die and for my son’s family to have a better life.” Then, we talked about his activities and lifestyle for a week. He said that it is very routine and predictable. During weekdays, he would go out with his son in the morning to exercise his feet and legs. After that, they would go back to their house and spend the day for preparing for diverse tasks such as watching television shows, doing easy exercises, reading and undergoing light but entertaining activities that would enhance mental and motor skills. At night, he sleeps early but the quality of sleep is light, intermittent, with frequent waking. On Sundays, he looks forward to attending mass and sharing special dinner with his son’s family. With these activities, going out without a companion could not be possible because walking through the transportation area tires him a lot. Although he needed assistance in terms of mobility, he was never inactive. He also stated that in his age, he considered himself healthy. A wellness center for the elderly within the community assists in his health care. Using the five dimensions of person model, certain needs that an elderly should meet (Udan, 11-13) were proffered and manifested by Client X. Under physical dimension, Client X accepted that having gray hair and wrinkles were normal parts of aging. He acknowledged looking old and have learned to accept that fact. His strength and stamina decreased; most of the time, he needed assistance. “I told you before that I have difficulty hearing, but it doesn’t stop me from expressing my ideas,” he stated. Client X understood the risks of being prone to different diseases involving the vital organs (e.g., pneumonia, diabetes, kidney diseases) that rationalized regular check-ups and observing preventive measures. In terms of intellectual dimension, the client manifested the ability to remember. There were some lapses but he managed using a calendar note to assist in doing tasks. He acknowledged to have the ability to solve problems, make decisions despite being aware that learning new information takes time. “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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