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Maturity and Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspectives Report - Book Report/Review Example

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Previous studies on age concepts seem to bring to terms a greater perception of the slowly degrading culture among the aged people across many communities of the world. …
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Maturity and Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspectives Book Report
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Download file to see previous pages Previous studies on age concepts seem to bring to terms a greater perception of the slowly degrading culture among the aged people across many communities of the world. She puts to fore the relationship of age and culture as a new form of exploring new confines of culture by highlighting the roles older people ought to play in order to create, and sustain these cultures as well as reducing the age related tensions resulting from the same (Apt,1996). The paper that follows will analyze the two books and depict the perspective of the two books on the issue of maturity and aging across different cultures. Besides, it will discuss the impacts of migration history on aging, the ethnic resources in various cultures and the source of financial support to cater for the aging people demands.
Jay Sokolovsky, on the other hand, offers intriguing tales or rather reflections on an aging population and the subsequent neglect aged persons undergo (Sokolovsky, 2009). He draws experiences from as far as Japan, India’s rural population and south East Asia. For instance, India being referred as the elderly country for having the largest numbers of elderly across the globe, he observes that the Shankaracharya, the great Hindu philosopher once commented on the issue of late adulthood and the consequent detachment from the material wealth of this elderly population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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