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Nursing for Health and Wellbeing 2011 - Essay Example

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The paper discusses the nursing diagnosis. The risk for falls is the condition in which the individual has increased predisposition to falling. Risk of falls in older people due to environmental factors. …
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Nursing for Health and Wellbeing 2011
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Download file to see previous pages Most homes are potentially hazardous that would increase the risk of falls. Survey reveals among older subjects that they had at least one environmental falls hazard. Older people report falls inside the home. There should be evidence that these hazards are potential or causally linked to falls. Apart from the evidence of falls history among older people linked to household hazards, stronger evidence are available from studies where household hazards were identified first and subsequent falls were monitored. Further, frail people suffered more frequent falls but they were not due to environmental hazards. Studies indicate healthy people are likely to fall more frequently due to environmental hazards. Thus environmental hazards are likely to cause falls in vigorous older people than in frail older people. Since the patient Mr. Sylvester is a vigorous category (as he is able to live alone), he is more prone to falls. Risk-taking behavior in vigorous older people is the likely cause for more frequent falls. Home hazards alone cannot be a single cause for falls. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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