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Critical Appraisal of Pereira Da Silva; SS Obesity Meanings - Essay Example

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An essay "Critical Appraisal of Pereira Da Silva; SS Obesity Meanings" outlines that it started by tackling the background information and utilized a qualitative approach to understand how the morbid obese conceptualizes and deals with obesity and obesity treatment. …
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Critical Appraisal of Pereira Da Silva; SS Obesity Meanings
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Extract of sample "Critical Appraisal of Pereira Da Silva; SS Obesity Meanings"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the study explored the expectations and the beliefs regarding the exigencies and the impacts of bariatric surgery (Bowling, 2009:56-58). The methods included a study population comprised of 30 morbidly obese patients. The results were based on three core themes namely: eating behavior, treatment, and obesity. Critical appraisal is an integral process in the evidence-based practice. The aim of critical appraisal is aimed at identifying the methodological flaws in the literature besides, providing the consumers of research evidence with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding the quality of the research evidence (Trinder & Reynolds, 2000:69-72). The critical appraisal for both the quantitative and qualitative research is appropriate. Developing a critical appraisal framework for healthcare services allows for the need to have competent healthcare treatment for obesity. Therefore, health professionals are required to be intelligent consumers of research, and this entails the ability to publish research something which Pereira da Silva has accomplished. According to Benton and Cormack (2000) argue that there have been tendencies to evaluate qualitative research against the appropriate criteria against the quantitative research. This has led to attempts by various individuals to analyze the qualitative research within a quantitative framework thus raising the questions of credibility, reliability, dependability, and transferability. Hamers and Colison (2005) state that “there have been various frameworks that have been reviewed and the common features that are related to quantitative and qualitative research established” Generally, the guidelines tend to reflect upon the respective approaches, whereby the guidelines for quantitative research tend to be in the form of checklists, the guidelines for qualitative research tend to be more discursive. Sajiwandani is of the view that there must be a checklist that covers all the points appropriate for covering the points appropriate in treating obesity. They must include the hypothesis, operational definitions, reliability, and validity of any questionnaires (Sajiwandani, 1996). According to Sackett et al. (2002) assert that evidenced-based research is the “integration of the best research-based evidence with clinical expertise and patient’s value.” The evidence-based practice as described in the work of Pereira da Silva gives an equal emphasis on the situation of the patient, the best available research evidence, the patient’s values, wishes, and goals, and the clinical expertise of the practitioner, in this case, those dealing with obesity cases. The Literature Review The researcher uses contemporary material about the topic being discussed; and the meanings of experiences associated with awaiting bariatric surgery. The research on obesity uses a lot of high-quality material of the obesity topic being researched on (Fried, Hainer, & Basdevant, 2007:267). This led to the development of the research question thus allowing the hypothesis testing and identification of the appropriate method of data collection. Data collection involved the use cognitive interviews, questionnaires, open-ended questions, and the focus groups. The interviews were audio-taped, transcribed, and the coded according to the ground analysis methodology.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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