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Care of the Ill Adult - Essay Example

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This research will begin with the statement that holistic nursing involves the healthcare practice that focuses on healing the body. This research tells that it entails the identification of a patient’s health care needs, which can be either actual or potential…
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Care of the Ill Adult
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that it is worth noting that providing a holistic assessment to the patient during admission to the ward is one of the fundamental requirements of nursing. This is because, through holistic nursing, it becomes possible to ensure that unity of the body, mind, spirit, emotion, and the environment becomes guaranteed. This implies that nurses, who strive to offer holistic assessment, need to consider all the needs of every patient irrespective of the reason behind their encounter. According to Dossey, patient’s needs have the highest probability of being known and eventually diagnosed when holistic assessment is employed. This, thus, means that a patient, who receives a holistic care, stands to recover with a quicker rate as compared to a patient receiving non-holistic care given that true needs of a patient are easily identified. This happens, in cases where a patient is provided with an opportunity to think and expound on what care he or she requires. Through this, the patient can work in harmony with the caregivers in finding the appropriate methods to achieve set goals. There are various factors that have to be examined in a holistic assessment, which, certainly are the primary cause of the current illness, as well as act as measures taken by the patient in managing the illness and the patient’s medical history. Factors that ought to be put under consideration are the patient’s social history and the perception of illness exhibited by the patient. With a view to discuss nursing interventions for a range of conditions invented from a patient scenario, this paper explores the case of Rosie who is a patient admitted to hospital for a total thyroidectomy with type 2 diabetes. In this regard, there are five conditions to be explored including the patient's assessment during the ward admission, medical condition, postoperative care, discharge details, as well as immediate care of the patient in the community.  In assessing the communication skills of Rosie, the nurse shall consider investigating nonverbal communication of the patient. Through this, the nurse will work towards reducing the patient’s anxiety by allowing the patient to express fears. In this regard, the nurse shall provide an explanation of all procedures, and then link them up to the relevance of healing anxiety. In order to achieve this, the nurse shall consider the overproduction of catecholamine and cortisol occurring in response to stress and could possess the healing effect of the wound because of alteration in the tissue and immune system. Additionally, the nurse will also encourage questions and inputs of encouragement from the husband with due consent of the family members. Pre-op. In line with this, the nurse shall work towards providing orientation to the ward, giving out information to the patient, investigating allergies, providing baseline observations, urinalysis, Capillary blood glucose monitoring, carrying out blood tests, providing the patient with medication, as well as managing anxiety and fears of the patient. Additionally, the nurse will provide the patient adequate emotional support, while considering issues including the Braden score, allergies such as drugs, history of DVT, iodine latex, tape, Patient ID bands, and the Nil by mouth for a given recommended time. Postoperative care of Rosie after the Thyroidectomy. Airway and Breathing management. In order to manage the breathing and airway conditions for Rosie, the effects of anaesthesia, rate of respiration, the depth of respiration, as well as the breathing work shall closely be monitored by the nurse. Moreover, the breathing sound of Rosie shall be auscultated while noting the existence of rhonchi. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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