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Nursing Theory and Practice - Term Paper Example

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Running Head: NURSING THEORY AND PRACTICE Nursing Theory and Practice BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Nursing Theory and Practice The Roy Adaptation Model The Roy Adaptation Model is one of the most viable nursing theories used in nursing practice. This model was developed by Sister Callista Roy in 1970, a practicing nurse holding an undergraduate degree in nursing from Mount St…
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Nursing Theory and Practice
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Download file to see previous pages With actual nursing practice, Callista Roy recognized that in order to provide effective care, there must be several specific factors taken into consideration. These include psychological constructs of human behavior, socialization, physiological care, and inherent evaluations related to nurse self-concept, role function and interdependence on systems and teams. Roy began to see not only better patient outcomes by adopting this rather holistic model and its principles, but more dedicated and devoted nurses with strong self-awareness and emotional intelligence to perform adequate nursing care practice. The Roy Adaptation Model (RAM) consists of a series of inputs referred to as stimuli, control processes that include coping mechanisms, effectors which relates to nursing and patient self-concept, and the establishment of a feedback system to achieve maximum positive outputs in nursing care and practice and to reduce ineffective responses learned through observation and direct experience with patients. Why RAM is so effective is that it is practical and realistic, taking into consideration the multi-dimensional characteristics of human needs and values that are critical components to how patients will respond to nurses and how nursing caregivers will respond to patients. What makes the Roy Adaptation Model so relevant is that it understands that nurses and patients are both adaptive and holistic in cognition and emotion, where health is more than physiological care, but also biopsychosocial taking into consideration more than just the patient (Shin, Park, & Kim, 2006). This is a transformational model of nursing care, in which nursing culture within the organization is considered both an input and an effector. Fairholm (2009) identifies that in order to build an effective culture within the health care organization, a nurse must be visionary, a teacher, and impart mission to others to reduce change resistance and also build inter-team loyalties. The Roy Adaptation Model recognizes the impact of de-motivated or highly motivated nursing agents within the organization as variables that can impact nurse self-concept and task importance impacting psychological and sociological condition of the caregiver. RAM provides an acknowledgement that nurses and patients are complicated and dynamic individuals that must be addressed according to their self-concept and ability to cope effectively with their health care provision while also developing positive inter-dependencies with other health care staff. This model does not negate the notion of servant leadership in which a nurse is able to provide effective service and care to others while also developing better emotional intelligence and self-betterment through cognition and self-evaluation (Farazmand, Green, & Miller, 2010). The feedback system is an evaluatory tool that assesses whether strategies in nursing practice have met with expected outcomes and also to assist in developing new strategies that were ineffective. This model therefore provides qualitative and quantitative analyses opportunities that explore tangible care actions and relationship-minded concerns that are best measured through interviews or direct observation rather than through statistical evaluation. This model, because of its ability to recognize subjective and deductive scenarios in nursing care, is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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