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Is violence heriditary or genetic - Research Paper Example

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Is aggression hereditary or genetic? Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Table of Contents 1. Introduction ……………………………………………………………5 2. Review of Literature ………………………………………………….6 3…
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Is violence heriditary or genetic
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Extract of sample "Is violence heriditary or genetic"

Download file to see previous pages Appendix ……...….………………………………………………………15. Problem statement There is a high likelihood that childhood aggression and antisocial behavior in adolescent stages of development have less relationship with the genetics of the parents than it can be a hereditary characteristic. Purpose of study The research investigates the correlation that exists between childhood aggression and the prevalence of antisocial behavior during the adolescence stage. The study’s core purpose was to prove whether aggression (including childhood aggression and adolescent antisocial behavior) is hereditary or emanates from genetics of the child’s parents. Identification of framework This study is helpful in explaining the relationship between aggression, including childhood aggression and antisocial behavior among adolescents, and the parents’ genetic makeup. It also helps to prove if violence, childhood aggression and antisocial among adolescents, is hereditary. Information of designed The research determines the extent to which violence (dependent variables), in the form of childhood aggression and antisocial behavior among adolescents, depends on genetic traits of parents (independent variable). Is violence hereditary or genetic? Abstract There are exceptional advantages of undertaking research in every field of knowledge. Nursing is a fundamental field in everyday lives, a need that underscores the necessity of undertaking research to boost the provision of nursing services. Possible research topics in the field of include the exploration of the principalities behind the prevalence of violence in the society. The question as to whether violence is hereditary or genetic forms a viable area of research in nursing. Childhood violence and subsequent observations as antisocial behavior among adolescents is on as escalating trend, in the society. A number of literatures are available on this field of nursing, as discussed in this research. This study investigates the source of violence, whether hereditary or related to the genetics of the parents. There are various depictions of violence as childhood aggression and antisocial behavior among adolescents. According to the research, violence is a hereditary trait. Introduction A theory refers to an abstract of a possible description of the functionalities of a principle stated in a logical way. Studies conducted to validate such abstract explanations refer to a research. Research, in the field of nursing, explores a number of areas. It is useful in exploring principles regarding the state of children, as well. Nursing involves the provision of comprehensive care to individuals. The care extends to that provided to members of the community and entails a vital role in nursing. Children face a number of risks and their protection forms a noble role in the field of nursing. Inhumane treatments are among the different challenges children face in the society. In as much as children continue to face a number of challenges, childhood aggression and a consequential prevalence of antisocial behavior in adolescents, is on an escalating trend in society, a factor that draws concern from a number of researchers, in the field of nursing. Studies show factors that link childhood aggression to antisocial conducts upon attaining adolescence stage. The research investigates the correlation that exists between childhood aggression and the prevalence of antisocial behavior during the adolescence stage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is Violence Heriditary or Genetic Research Paper.
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