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HIT project - Coursework Example

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Implementation of Health Information Technology Your name Instructor Institution Date Executive summary. This paper examined published peer-reviewed journals and included other documentation of organization type and implementation of patient portal within paragon…
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HIT project
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Download file to see previous pages To identify obstacles during the management and implementation process of health portal system for a dialysis unit that serves hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis to renal chronic disease patients. To validate with secondary research conducted by way of peer review journals the procedure that sought to implement health portal on patient care system. Hospitals implementing health portal have documented positive results in patient care. A remarkable improvement is noted in Patient Access to heath related Information. It is also worth noting that most physicians have reported that they don’t use this system because of maintenance cost. Health Information Technology: Implementation of Patient Portal within Paragon Organization Information In order to effectively manage our patients, access of data is imperative especially when performing clinical meetings. My interest is on applications within the electronic health record for the treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Patient portals are clinical, administrative and educational-related online applications which facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers such as hospital and physicians. Terry (2010) said that patient portal is used by care providers and patients (Terry, 2010). Patient portal applications may be a single entity website and sell its services to health providers or it can be intergraded into existing website electronic medical record (EMR). The system exists as software application that is regulated by government legislation. Kannan (2009) outlined the uses of health information technologies and online resources to include; great potential to boast health care quality by improving care access, efficiency, chronic disease management, and patient family involvement (Kannan,2009). Patient portal is a form of communication based on the web between a patient and the doctor. It has the following features; messaging, making requests or new appointments, examine past and present medical fix and modifies patient data. Bodenheimer et al, (2003) reported that patient portals can enhance patient-provider communication, increase overall satisfaction with care, lead to more communication with psychosocial content and increase identification and management of chronic conditions, increase access to health information, and improve disease management for conditions such as diabetes and congestive heart (Bodenheimer et al, 2003). (An illustration of this is provided in appendix B).The reporting system that is implemented here develops monthly report for all our dialysis patients in a safe and timely manner. Information Technology Application Technician is in charge of patient portal application but it is quite unfortunate that the IT department is not within the organization; at this moment we have contracted personnel from a private company who is providing IT related services. Most institutions would hire application service provider to work hand in hand with Information Technology Application Technician to setup and maintain health and information system hardware and software. An internet report that was developed provided a screen which displayed three tabs with the capability to be activated and viewed on a separate page as shown bellow: Laboratory (Health view) tab: a screen that provided grouped laboratory results according to patient’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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