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Review paper for electron portal imaging system - Article Example

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The Role of Electronic Portal Imaging Systems in Radiation Oncology Abstract Since the emergence of electronic portal imaging (EPI) systems towards the end of the 1950s, several advancements in the field have significantly contributed towards shaping the effectiveness of portal imaging in patient positioning that must be performed accurately before the commencement of radiotherapy…
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Review paper for electron portal imaging system
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Download file to see previous pages this outcome is supported by mathematical computations and evaluations of the results. The paper also outlines and identifies potential advancements in the field such as the implementation of aSi-based EPIDs that can play a critical role in developing and aiding EPI systems in the near future. 1. Introduction The treatment of cancer by the means of radiation or exposure to a radioactive element requires further research to allow for the achievement and enhancement of pivotal objectives behind radiotherapy. According to Kirby and Glendinning (2006: pS50) advancements in radiotherapy must occur to explore solutions through which the dose that is aimed towards the target volume is enhanced such that the impact of high radiation on adjoining tissue, which is in a healthy state is lessened to a substantial extent. Pouliot et al. (2003: p862) state that in determining the exact location of the target volume the electron beams must be pointed in a precise direction to satisfy the requirements of a consistent dosimetric exposure. Piermattei et al. (2006) have presented a procedure which allows for the in vivo determination of the focal point of radiation that is tested on the target volume of pelvic regions. With regards to the accomplishment of aforementioned objectives and aims, enhancements in electronic portal imaging systems can play a critical role. Portal imaging essentially assists the geometric substantiation of field position (Kirby and Glendinning 2006: pS50) thereby, diminishing the possibility of geometric ambiguity (Pouliot et al. 2003: p862). According to Pouliot et al. (2003), the process of portal imaging aims to employ the assistance of bony landmarks to establish the placement and setup of the patient that is relative to the focal point of radiation, however, further considerations into the subject are required to direct researchers into the application and implementation of portal imaging systems in radiotherapy when discussing target volumes in soft tissue tumors of the prostate. The paper aims to discuss the advancements in portal imaging systems over the decades by assessing comprehensive literatures presented by Kirby and Glendinning (2006), Pouliot et al. (2003), Baker et al. (2005) and Piermattie et al. (2006), the primary focus of this assessment rests upon evaluating the technological innovations and developments in electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs). Dedicated sections in the paper also discuss the use of radiopaque markers in the accurate visualization of the prostate via portal imaging to depict the accuracy of its placement throughout the procedure of radiotherapy by the means of a study conducted on a sample size of 11 patients. In conclusion the paper reviews and appraises the advancements in the development of electronic portal imaging systems by assessing the literature under review and stating that the developments in e ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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