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Mental health issues are one of the most debilitating conditions which any person can go through. Physically, its symptoms may not be clearly apparent to the patient and to other people. However, mentally and emotionally, its impact can be extensive and debilitating to the patient. …
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Assessment of a Child with Autism
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Download file to see previous pages For children, the impact of these mental health issues is especially significant because it can compromise their development from a very early age and it can prevent them from ever achieving their expected milestones. This paper shall discuss the case of an 8-year old autistic boy, including his Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) assessment in my placement as a school nurse. The basic CAMHS assessment shall first be presented. This shall be followed by the case study, where the patient case shall be presented, including the evidence base and the assessment tool used. My actions and decisions in relation to the case shall also be evaluated based on appropriate literature support. Best practice for this case would also be included in the case study. The formulation of the study shall also be established, followed by a reflection of this case. At all times, the confidentiality of the patient was protected in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Code which basically requires: the respect of people’s right to confidentiality; ensures that people are informed about how and why data is being shared to those who will be providing care; and disclosing information if it is believed that someone may be at risk of harm. Finally, after all the above elements are established, this paper shall end with a conclusion which shall serve as a summary of the paper as well as an overall evaluation of the topic.
Basic CAMHS Assessment In a generic CAMHS assessment, the patient’s presenting issues, history, strengths, as well as perceived needs would be reviewed (NHS Information Centre, 2012). A discussion on the services which the client would need would also be considered. During the interview with the patient, an objective feedback of the patient and his issues, as well as his treatment plan would also be discussed (CAMHS, 2009). The CAMHS also discussed that there is a need to assess children and determine if based on the standards set by the Children Order, they are in need; in need of protection; and are looked after children. Children in need are those who are unlikely to achieve or maintain standard health or development without provisions for social services; or whose health needs are significantly impaired; or who are disabled (NHS Information Centre, 2012). Those who need protection are those who are being physically or sexually abused by family or by other people (NHS Information Centre, 2012). Finally, those who are assessed as looked after children are those who have been placed in care of a Trust for a variety of reasons including abandonment or physical abuse. Based on the above standards, assessments should look like general physical, emotional, social, and mental checklists on the child (Lidz, 2003). The child’s family must also be assessed and evaluated based on their relationship with the child and their interactions with the child (Carr, 2006). There is a need to establish which category the child would fit into and based on such assessment, what type of services he needs. A generic assessment must be comprehensive, holistic, and accurate (Thambirajah, 2007). It must also include an assessment of the child’s family and environment in order to determine factors which are impacting on the child’s condition. In our setting, the basic assessment is carried out by the school nurse in the community setting (NICE, 2011). Our basic assessment of children often comes from referrals from the teachers handling the students. These teachers often note symptoms from their students which may indicate that the child may be suffering from some form of mental health issue (NICE, 2011). After referral to the school nurse, the child is often reviewed based on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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