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This paper is going to assess the effects on patient care of nurses arriving late to the duty. Patient care involves the provision of care to patients for the benefit of those patients. This care is paramount if recovery results are expected to be achieved as planned…
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Effect of Patient Care
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Download file to see previous pages Based on this research all people involved in conducting patient care should be efficient in their assigned tasks to ensure proper patient care is conducted. Different patients require different type of care due to the different types of ailments. This necessitates exemplary care in all patients so as to assist them cope with their ailments and other complications arising from the diseases. This task of providing patient care is solely the responsibility of health professionals who oversee that all procedures are followed. These health professionals have to follow the ethics code to ensure they do not compromise on the quality of care they award the patients. Examples of patient care include; cast care, bowel care, bladder care, amputation care, ambulatory care, circulatory care, among others. In all these, utmost and efficient care must be accorded to a patient at the right time and as expected. This is in order to reduce or altogether avoid further complications, which may arise in the process. It would be negligence on the part of a health professional if patient care is not provided at the stipulated time. Complications may arise as a result of negligence or incompetence in the line of duty. Having a case of nurses responsible for providing patient care arriving late each day to attend to patients is disheartening. Patients should be attended to within the stipulated time without delays as their health is paramount. Such nurses may cause additional pain to patients. This paper is going to assess the effects on patient care of nurses arriving late to the duty. Discussion Effect of nurses arriving late for duty on patient care The act of nurses arriving late for their duty to accord proper patient care to the patients may lead to non achievement of goals in the medical sector. The primary goal and objective of patient care is to assist patients recover or those with terminal illnesses, supportive care that minimizes the challenges they face. When nurses decide to report late to assess the conditions of patients, there are chances of making the whole process of patient care a failure. In such instances, patient recovery goals may not be achieved as expected or as planned (Mitchell 2001). This is because; the nurses may find out that the condition of a certain patient deteriorated before they arrived for check up. As changes can be abrupt in ailments, a little delay may lead to complications which could otherwise not have happened had the responsible personnel arrived on time. An example is a diabetic patient who may be having challenges injecting insulin in the body. As glucose tests are to be carried out regularly, and necessary measures taken depending with the results, any delay in administering the right treatment can easily cause complications (Wagner 2000). Such patients may suffer from diabetic related complications if nurses continued to arrive late for work. Nurses administering patient care must be within points of call so as to take care of any eventuality arising from the ailments. This trend of nurses arriving late for duty may also strain the relationship between the nurses and the patients. Under patient care, the relationship between a health professional and a patient is extremely vital. This is what is emphasized as it assists in ensuring quality care is maintained. When a patient and a health professional are in good terms, the health profession would be at ease knowing that any changes felt by the patient would be easily communicated. This would assist health professionals to administer relevant medication to the patient (Health-EU 2012). In such a scenario, a patient would always feel free to speak of any development to a health practitioner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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