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Urgent and Unscheduled Care: A summative Care Study - Essay Example

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Sometimes a person may require medical attention urgently, but may not fit in the criteria for an emergency; and that is where urgent and unscheduled care comes in. These units are not always open but should be available to give health care whenever it is needed any time of the day. …
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Urgent and Unscheduled Care: A summative Care Study
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Download file to see previous pages This means that the unit works on a walk-in-walk-out basis, and customers are released once they are comfortable enough to go, and completion of recovery occurs after the patient has left . Most health facilities have urgent and unscheduled units, though they are also found in other facilities like pharmacies, as long as they have a medical professional qualified to give ambulatory care to patients. It is crucial for every medical practitioner to understand the parameters of urgent and unscheduled care as many a time there are patients that require immediate attention but do not fit in the emergency criteria, but have to be treated. In addition, the unit saves on resources and time as patients get timely attention and care and go to their homes, leaving more resources for more demanding cases like admissions and emergencies .
This study will use case study to analyse the processes involved in care; accounting for the contributions of various team members, risks for the patient and significant others, and the role of the healthcare policy on urgent and unscheduled care. Statement of the Problem Sara had been up all night due to excruciating earache, which was unresponsive to Paracetamol. On calling the NHS Direct for advice, she was directed to the minor injuries unit for help; and the 45-year-old woman arrives at the unit in looking extremely tired and in immense pain. Many underlying factors that will contribute to her well-being, safety, treatment, and recovery during the time she stays at the unit, some of which are discussed in the following subtopic. Clinical Decision-Making Processes All decisions arrived at by the medical staff should account for informed opinion of the patient and acceptable clinical ethics. In addition, the medical staff attending the patient should take recommended and effective decision-making approaches, including those involving the prioritization criteria for patients’ treatment schedule. Consent Sara is suffering from an earache that does not respond to painkillers, which pints to a likelihood of an ear infection at best or a nervous problem at worst. Both scenarios require one invasive technique or the other, which may cause harm to the patient, are costly and may not be included in Sara’s medical insurance cover. Therefore, it is necessary for the medical staff to inform Sara and her relatives of these shortcomings of the proposed procedures. For instance, they should mention that Sara runs the risk of poor or no hearing especially if inserting a tympanostomy tube is required; as her tympanic membrane may not heal, or may heal incorrectly. In addition, the medical staff should let them know that these procedures, though paid for, may not point to the cause of the earache, they are part of an elimination process of identifying the cause. Consequently, they may have to pay for more procedures before the cause is identified (NHS 2011; Schiff 2012, p. 90). Ethics Medical ethics prohibit professionals from keeping patients for longer periods than is necessary; therefore, Sara should be tested and treated by the least risky but most effective approach while the medical staff and her relatives deliberate on the way forward. This reduces her pain to enable her give informed consent on more invasive procedures, and to minimise her suffering. The ethics also expect professionals to use the most effective but economical approach, whereby they should not put Sara on procedures that are costly in terms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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