Scenario of a Patient with Left Vascular Accident - Case Study Example

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This paper is about the case scenario of a patient with Left Vascular Accident (CVA/Stroke). The author has particularly chosen to write this case because a cerebrovascular accident or stroke is one of the most common causes of emergency hospitalization and unexpected death nowadays…
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Scenario of a Patient with Left Vascular Accident
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Download file to see previous pages The holistic point of view of nursing care among patients with a cerebrovascular accident can be applied in this case for this will open the door for us to grow more personally and professionally as a whole. Moreover, it had also given us insights on how to deal with our clients in a holistic manner as well as an overview of certain issues at work that must be tacked on. Inter and intradisciplinary communication which may strengthen the teamwork among the healthcare team managing the patient must also be discussed in the paper. The theoretical perspectives of communication will be explained wonderfully and proper communication skills that include the explanation on engagement, skills in listening, empathy, and warmth will be expounded as well. The most import part of this paper is practicing value formation through holistic nursing care of the patient with cerebrovascular accident. This includes the application of management about caring, dignity, and respect in care among the patients. The aforementioned values are always taken for granted in the nursing practice, especially with the current trend and advances of technology and nursing shortages, the holistic approach to the emotional needs of the patients that preserves their dignity is already forgotten. Caring the patient with utmost dignity and respect has to be incorporated in the nursing care planning of patient with CVA. The nursing process will be applied in this case as well. I have learned that taking care of the patient does not end up in the provision of treatment, but also, extends even up to collecting feedbacks from the treatment rendered and what a nurse has learned while practicing clinically. Learning opportunity assessment provides the nurses and midwives guidance in the professional conduct and support “on matters relating to the creation and maintenance of a quality clinical learning environment and the assessment of nursing/midwifery students in clinical practice” (An Bord Altanais, 2003). This enables the nursing and midwifery students to become competent and practice evidence-based nursing/midwifery care enabling the nurse to be safe, caring, competent in making decisions, and most importantly, accept accountability in once self and in their profession (An Bord Altanais, 2003). Additionally, it is important to know that it is the duty of registered nurses/midwives to provide clinical support to help the nursing students question, analyze, reflect on their practice that would help them become safe, caring, and competent nurse/midwives as they master the autonomy in decision – making. I have learned that it is necessary for nursing students and nurses to adapt to the environment in the clinic and learn to have an inkling in clinical practice (Arkell, 2007). I have also learned that the greatest priority of the nurse is to deliver patient care even during busy times (Arkell, 2007). The Association of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing (undated) noted that it is imperative for the nurses to continuously move forward and develop evidence-based strategies and approaches that are successful in the practice of settings despite enormous daily challenges that face the public health nurses. This is done to achieve the populations’ optimal health and well – being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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