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Social Determinants of Health: Englewood community - Research Paper Example

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This paper is a teaching plan which is supposed to highlight the significance of adhering to the prescribed therapy plan. This teaching plan should be made in a way that suits the medical needs, capabilities and development of the patients’ physical status. …
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Social Determinants of Health: Englewood community
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is the Englewood community at a health center known as the “Englewood Community Health Center.” Community Health is biggest health facility in Illinois. Englewood is a densely urban neighborhood grounded on population density situated in the city of Chicago. The people of Englewood community are ethnic diverse but vary in their physical location. Nevertheless, the community shares a common goal of societal development that can be accomplished through community development, employment, health indemnity and interaction. Proven by an analysis, the per capita income was revealed to be lower than that discovered in 97.2% of the neighborhoods in the United States. Additionally, 77.4% of the kids in this region live in poverty, an extraordinarily high percentage in comparison with other neighborhoods in the United States. In a country where an estimated one in four kids grows up in poverty, this neighborhood is prominent for the complexity of the health issue manifested in the Englewood Community Health Center. Englewood community has features that stand out in its neighborhood structure. The northern region is mainly occupied by whites who are mainly long-term settlers dating back to the nineteenth century. The southern region of the community is mainly occupied by minority communities who migrated to the region during the early forties in search of employment and a new source of livelihood. The cultures of the people living on both ends of the community vary. The Englewood community has a superior proportion of government workers thriving in it than 95.7% of the neighborhoods in America (Mitchell, 2011, p. 110). In accordance with the Neighborhood Scout's limited analysis, this stands out as a one of a kind characteristic because of its ability to outline the community’s character. The culture of the Englewood community shapes the functions of the town and health facility because of its collective nature and learned behavior. Residents have been known to learn majority of behaviors from parents, churches and culture from ancestors. Ancestry and ethnicity is supremely interesting and significant to comprehend. The population of the community was nearly completely white until the influx of blacks who immigrated from the south during the fifties. Within two decades, the population of the blacks increased from 10 to 96% and crime and joblessness rates rose (Lundy & Janes, 2009, p. 38). The real estate of Englewood community is mainly comprised of small (studio to two bedroom) to average sized (three to four) small apartment structures and apartment multiplexes or multistory apartments. The Majority of residential real estate is tenant occupied. Most of the houses in the Englewood neighborhood are aged and firm since they were built before the forties. Every neighborhood in Englewood has a varying combination of jobs represented and jointly, they can inform an analyst a lot concerning the neighborhood. Whilst the full spectrum of professional services accessible in Englewood is not fully accessible to all residents, the Englewood Community Health Center and some resources will be accessible to all patients. An exclusive conglomerate with the Chicago Unit of Public Health assures the variety of CDPH services immediately accessible are also voluntarily available to patients in Englewood Community Health Center. The Englewood Community Health Center is not entirely reliable upon the confidential segment for support with presents and grants from specific people, practicalities and companies responsible for the additional 90% of the clinic’s income (Dell, Whitman, Shah & Silva, 2008, p. 1037). Health behaviorists have access to patient and treatment information entailing healthcare services, social care, medicament drug use, communal trust, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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