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Improving the economic and social welfare of the citizens of Bedford Borough Council is a key aim of all its citizens in order to attain economic development. The objective of this project plan is to stimulate economic growth through enhancing and creation of employment…
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Download file to see previous pages ccording to the Office for National Statistics, Bedford Borough Council has a population of about 160,000 as at the year 2012 with about 65,500 households, which include 28.5% who are non-White British. The unemployment rate stands at 3.0 % or a number of about 3100 as at December 2013. In terms of the well-being and the health of the citizens of Bedford, the determinants of health is divided into different determinants such as starting well, developing well, living and working well, ageing well as well as population and place. This project work will look at different demographic that concern the improvement of Bedford Borough Council’s healthcare system and how it affects the general welfare of the community as a whole (Bedford Borough Council, 2014).
It agrees now that health plays an important role in determining the well-being of individuals especially those with little or no means of earning. At Bedford, the number of people seeking out of work benefits currently stand at about eleven thousand which represents 10.5% of the working age population (Bisen & Srivastava, 2009). There are also concerns that the healthcare benefits and services do not reach the most deserve or vulnerable members of the Bedford community especially those with caring responsibilities, illnesses that limit work as well as persons living with disability. Bedford Borough Council also has structural and institutional problems that prevent or hinder the promotion and provision of quality healthcare services to the citizens Bedford Borough Council, 2014).
It is important that before any investment is made in the healthcare of Bedford Borough Council is made a robust and viable business case is made that outlines the costs, benefits and risks related to the provision of healthcare, and makes the case for investment in it. The level of detail required for the business case depends on the magnitude of investment required and the local organization policies regarding business cases, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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