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Living with a long-term urinary catheter - Essay Example

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This essay will focus on the research process in familiarities of aged people coping with a permanent urinary catheter.This particular subject was chosen because I am interested in it. …
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Living with a long-term urinary catheter
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Download file to see previous pages This particular subject was chosen because I am interested in it. Throughout my Health Care Assistant experience I was involved in looking after patients with urinary catheters. My role was to ensure cleanliness, catheter function, monitoring output and emptying catheter bag. As a Trainee Assistant Practitioner (TAP) female catheterisation is one of my competencies. This has made me more aware about patient perception and psychological feelings when living with a long-term catheter (Godfrey, 2008, p. 181). I work in Highcare Unit where I look after patients with varying ages and sex. Some of them are quite reluctant to having a catheter. Other patients view it as an embarrassment and consider discussion about the device undignified. In critiquing the research regarding a patient's personal experiences, it enables me to relate, understand and empathise with the patient's situation and predicament. This enables me to give support, advice and information not only with the physical side implications but also the psychological impact in living with a long-term catheter. I think that being able to understand patients' perspectives about living with long term urinary catheters, enables healthcare professionals to sympathize and understand with what the patient is experiencing. It is obvious that research needs to be carried out and compare. This way the study will develop strong and valid evidence based research and implement the conclusions into practice that can assist these patients (Godfrey, 2008, p. 180). CRITIQUE RESEARCH: UTILISING EVIDENCE BASED CARE In the 1990's at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, developments were made regarding Evidence Based Practice (EBP) movement, which underpinned the Research and Development Strategy in the UK in 1991. Factors like the rise in the cost of healthcare, unnecessary intervention and variations in healthcare, influenced the EBP movement in the UK (Parahoo 2006). EBP advocates the best available evidence should be used when making clinical decisions, to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and health outcomes for patients (Kings College London 2009). Its origins date back to the mid-19th century, when concerns were raised because healthcare interventions were not being proven or evaluated (Lloyd et al 2007). Since the 1970's the term proof-based medical care has increased with the advancement of being capable of having a right to entry to a variety of data. Other aspects that have brought about the usage of EBP medical care comprise of; adjusting of communal anticipations, governmental consensus, cost stresses and expertise responsibility (Hammer Collinsonsn2005, cited by Cutcliffe W. & J. Ward M, 2004). EBP is an approach where healthcare professionals are able to use current evidence and research to back up. This support provides an accurate reason for their care they provide for patients. EBP is highly significant to me because it enables me to offer the best recent physical healthcare I can deliver for my patients. It also makes it possible for me to use proof to aid my understanding and comprehend the reasons behind my decision along with the performance of definite facets of medical practice that I am responsible for. There are many reasons why EBP is specifically relevant to engage in as a part of a nurses' role. Nurses need to make more informed judgements as part of a multi-disciplinary team. This initiative increases the number of complex healthcare decisions that need to be made. The Department of Health's (DOH) directives of best evidence collectively highlight the reason for EBP’s momentous nature. This questioning is accompanied by further cognitive research behind its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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