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Caring for Hickman line - Essay Example

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This study shall focus on the need to allow individual be aware of the their abilities to be conversant with learning needs, readiness to learn, abilities to learn, prior experience & learning, learning styles and time available to learn in the clinical setting…
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Caring for Hickman line
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Extract of sample "Caring for Hickman line"

Download file to see previous pages This case study shall assess the organization and assess the professional & service users' needs. This theme of caring for the Hickman Line was arrived at by the growing statistics of the exposure of the Lines to germs. As a result, of careless storage of Hickman lines with no proper care, a lot of infections have recorded an escalating trend. A greater percentage of patients have been seen to visit health centers for replacement of the Hickman lines; others require removal of the same. According to Souhami and Moxham proper insertion of the Hickman Line is a concern of the learners in the clinical setting. Nurses, the learners in this context, are no exception to the needs analysis on the placement of the Hickman line. Billet argues that, in the clinical setting, nurses must be actively involved in learning in the clinical setting. All health practitioners must ensure that they are conversant with all the procedures that are required of them in the clinical setting. Conducting successful insertion of the Hickman line is an indication of a well trained physician. Alternatively, provision of appropriate procedure to the patient is a requirement of the nurse in clinical practice. The nurse must be very alert while conducting the procedure of inserting the Hickman line. Direct observation is not the only vital action that needs to be taken by nurses. He continues to argue in the clinical setting, the nurse must have self-possessed assessment skills that are extremely important in this case study. Despite the fact that, acquisition of these skills may pose a major challenge in the clinical setting, patient care must be jeopardized by the fact that nurses need time to adjust to the new practice (Gopee, 2010). In relation to this case study, nurses must ensure that they are conversant with the Hickman line insertion procedure, that commences with neck X-rays. Nurses must also be keen on administering pain killers before insertion of the Line. Needs analysis, in this context, is responsible for ensuring that nurses conduct their roles as expected, so as, the patients have an uncomplicated and calm operation. Caley (2006) argues that, health improvement must be the sole purpose for the provision of health care to individuals. Teaching plan objectives In relation to part 1, the teaching plan will be based on Nursing as the Subject area. The theme of the teaching plan will be successful completion of the Hickman Line placement. In regard to the teaching plan goals, the tutor must ensure that the learners’ -nurses-scope of ability to grasp key elements of placement of the Hickman line. The tutors must also emphasize on the need to assemble all the skills learnt throughout the course are applied in the clinical setting. Teaching plan must also ensure that the health practitioners are in a position to convert all the theoretical skills to practical during insertion of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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