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Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH PROMOTION Assignment 4: Strategies for Community Health Promotion Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert November 19, 2011 Strategies for Community Health Promotion Part A: outline for a program to meet the identified need The development of a health promotion program can take different structures as long as the intended objectives are realized…
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Community Heath Promotion
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Download file to see previous pages It involves establishing the links between community development initiatives to the health of the members of the community and the quality of life they live. The identified need in this case is the improvement of awareness on Parkinson’s disease among the Aboriginals in Ontario province, Canada. The program takes the following approach. 1) Identification of the problem and possible diagnosis This is the initial step in health promotion and involves the identification of a particular group and the problem. The health issue has been identified in this case as the high risks to Parkinson’s disease among the Aboriginals of Ontario, Canada. Appropriate data to be used in the entire promotion initiative have also been obtained that describe the whole situation. 2) Informing the members of the public The members of the public are the target and the ultimate beneficiaries of the initiative. In communicating the intended program, the culture of the particular community has to be identified as this can influence their perception of the initiative and the appropriate approach that can be used. The community leaders are an important tool that is appropriate not only in reaching the individuals but also in persuading the key stakeholders and other members of the community to take part in the initiative. ...
The funding agencies and other donors will require a satisfactory budget that has a promising outcome. 4) Creating a health promotion team Different responsibilities will be available to ensure full accomplishment of the program’s mission. The members of the team are to be recruited from among the community members and other professionals. The team should include individuals who will have a role in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the program. It has to be noted that the program aims at empowering the members of the public to have control over their health through independent creative and innovative ideas. The program enables the members of the public to make informed decisions concerning their health (Fertman and Allensworth, 2010, p.6). Involving the public in the health promotion program also ensures more public ownership of the program, which is an asset towards the success of the program. 5) Identification of activities in the program and the target groups This involves brainstorming the appropriate interventions that will be used promote awareness of the Parkinson’s disease and reduce the risks of its outbreak or spread among the Aboriginals. The approaches may be different or different population groups and thus it is necessary to the program activities that may be applied for a given identified group. 6) Scheduling The whole program has to be accomplished within a given period. The members of the health promotion team have roles that each will play in the promotion program. The identified activities are scheduled in respect to their relevance and the individuals to carry out the activities. 7) The activities in the program ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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