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Mrs. Jones is an 82 year old female patient who has been admitted for colonoscopy +/- polypectomy for PR bleeding. This condition has been persistent in her system, given the fact that she had been diagnosed of the same problem earlier in 2010, together with other complications. …
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Critique of Mrs. Jones (Pseudonym) Assessment Criteria
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Download file to see previous pages Preoperative Assessment VI. Clinical Nursing and Management VII. Intra-operative Assessment and Care VIII. Planning and Preparation for Safe Administration of Anesthesia IX. Intra-operative Monitoring Techniques Applied X. Anesthesia Techniques Used XI. Hemodynamic Management of Patient XII. Additional Precautionary Equipment Used XIII. Anesthesia Agents and Analgesia Used XIV. Post-operative Assessment and Care XV. References Case Analysis: Critique of Mrs. Jones (Pseudonym) Assessment Criteria Introduction Mrs. Jones is an 82 year old female patient who has been admitted for colonoscopy +/- polypectomy for PR bleeding. This condition has been persistent in her system, given the fact that she had been diagnosed of the same problem earlier in 2010, together with other complications. Arrangements had been made for her to attend a twenty days pre-admission clinic before surgery. Prior to her admission for surgery, she was taken through a preoperative nursing assessment. This paper is a critique of this assessment and Mrs. Jones management at large from the pre and intra operative care through, to the handover stage with the post-anesthetic care nursing. It majorly singles out the factors that may impact the patient’s care throughout the pre and the intra operative anesthesia experience. Litwack (2009:1) suggest that, it is important that all health care team should be aware of the patient’s medical history, and previous surgeries. Additionally, they should be aware of the patient’s family history of diseases. This information is important for planning and instituting pre and post anaesthesia care. Taylor and Welleford (2009:707) have suggested that cardiovascular systems have the most influence on anaesthesia and general outcome. This means that preoperative interview and pre assessment can decrease the risk and improve immediate peri procedure outcomes and the long term clinical outcome. Preoperative Assessment and Care Preoperative stage provides a chance for the beginning of a thorough assessment of surgical patients. This section includes activities like patient-centered interviews that are aimed at gathering critical information that will contribute to a patient’s successful experience and an outlined and goal directed care plan. Mrs. Jones went through a preoperative interview and reassessment stage for twenty days before the surgery. This stage included a pre-anesthesia consultation conducted by an anesthetic registrar. The consultation by the anesthetic registrar prior to the day of surgery revealed vital information about Mrs. Jones which may impact the care she receives in the pre and intra operative stages of the whole surgical procedure. ANZCA (2008:1) recommended that the pre-anesthesia consultation should include the patient’s health status and medical history and a plan of the anesthesia. Furthermore it should include an interview and a discussion with the patient and their family regarding to anesthetic management. The discussion should be of factors which are of significance to the patient. At the end of it, a confirmation about the patient’s identity and consent to the procedure after an explanation of the anesthesia with its related the procedures should be obtained (ANZCA, 2008:1). Clinical Presentation The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) physical status classification system is very useful for assessing the statistical analysis of a patient’s health status (Sherief, 2011:1). Mrs. Jones is eighty two years old, female, graded 3 by ASA, and has a history of multiple health problems. Mrs. Jones currently is admitted for colonoscopy +/- polypectomy for PR bleeding. This grading of three by the American Society of anesthesiologists was because her condition was coupled with a multiple medical history a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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