Teachers Attitudes towards Autistic Children - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Teachers’ Attitudes towards Autistic Children,” the author investigates the following question: what are teachers’ attitudes towards autistic children and how does this affect their choice of teaching methods, activities, and tools?…
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Teachers Attitudes towards Autistic Children
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Download file to see previous pages By doing this a pattern of behavior forms where the student either answered very quickly without thinking or doesn't even try. With autistic children, this can be absolutely critical. Autistic children are generally found to be at least average intelligence, possibly above-average. However, IQ tests simply do not work with these kinds of students, due to the requirement of quick response. When not even sure that you autistic children see the world in the same way. In fact, we know so very little about this condition that any kind of properly done and reported research will be valuable. The nature of the disorder, mainstreaming is very important, because one of the areas in which the student desperately needs to improve his social communication. In special classes, where the students suffer from this disorder, there is a double deficit in communication among students. However, by mainstreaming autistic students in a regular classroom, perhaps with the helper, the autistic student is provided the opportunity to communicate with other students lacking this disability. With the proper training of the teacher and the coaching of the other students, the benefits can be reciprocal. You autistic student is provided with an environment where responses can be immediately acknowledged, and the regular students are provided with an opportunity to understand this disability and learn that an autistic student is otherwise quite a normal person. One component of any research project would be the literature review. A review of the literature can give the researcher an idea of what questions have been researched and the methodology used. Furthermore, in well-done research reports, the questions themselves are generally represented. Once the literature review is completed and the results analyzed, then conclusions can be made about the suitability of the research. In order for the research to be valuable, it must investigate an area which has not been well researched or answer a question which has not been asked and answered, or use the methodology that will result in different kinds of data. In researching the above question in a literature review, a great deal was found referring to autism, nearly 25,000 responses in EBSCO database alone. The focus was narrowed to documents from the year 2006 to the present. This reduced to do just over 14,000 results. By adding the word "mainstreaming" results were cut to a manageable eighty. Fourteen of these results were found to be relevant with six dealing with attitudes and perceptions of teachers, and the balance dealing with methods of teaching. From these results, it was clear that this question has not been well investigated. Those results which dealt directly with teachers attitudes did not give much information. Therefore, it was decided from the literature review that this was a good question to investigate. Primary Research Of the various methods available to cover this research, the choice must be made among quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research. Due to the nature of the question is probable that strictly quantitative will not give much useful information because it deals with attitudes. Therefore, one must choose between qualitative and mixed methods. One extremely useful qualitative method is direct observation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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