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Mental Disorders and How to Deal With Them Autism - Research Paper Example

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This paper under the title "Mental Disorders and How to Deal With Them – Autism" investigates the questions of such disease like autism, namely, it focuses on such fact as that a wealth of literature was written about what autism is and what strategies are the most effective for such children. …
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Mental Disorders and How to Deal With Them Autism
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Today, autism occurs in 1-2 children of every 500 births and is 3-4 times more likely to impact boys than girls (Wing, 1997). The risks of developing Autism in children are significantly affected by genetic predispositions, and a family with at least one relative diagnosed of Autism Spectrum Disorder is more likely to have a child with autism compared with families that do not have a history of autism. The more children with autism enter school the more challenging the issue of educating such children grows. Teachers are not always able to help such children to meet the basic learning outcomes. The multitude of instructional approaches in ASD classes makes it difficult to choose the best and the most relevant instructional methodology. Given the growing number of children in autism, there is a need to explore the effectiveness of existing instructional strategies and their effects on children with autism.
The current state of autism research is overfilled with ideas and solutions, which teachers can use in ASD classes. Hume and Reynolds (2010) discuss the effectiveness of work systems that facilitate task completion and flexibility and help students to better understand adult expectations regarding the learning process. Sperry, Neitzel and Engelhardt-Wells (2010) continue this line of research and add to the current knowledge of peer-mediated instruction and its role in teaching children with autism. Pivotal response teaching is often cited among the basic instructional approaches in ASD classrooms (Stahmer et al, 2010; Nefdt et al, 2010). According to Carhanan (2009), a personal individualized instruction could be more favourable for a student’s understanding but it can cause destructive effects on the teachers’ relations with other children; as a result, teachers must be increasingly selective in their choice of particular instructional approaches with children with ASD.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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