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Choice and Relevance of the Name Healer to Refer Nurses - Research Paper Example

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Nurses have come up and shown all the attributes it takes to deserve to be called healers. The essay "Choice and Relevance of the Name Healer to Refer Nurses" analyses the significance found in a name and tries to decipher one by one, the attributes that justify nurses to be called healers…
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Choice and Relevance of the Name Healer to Refer Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Nurses, given their delicate position and weird characters occupying the world, attract ridicule in order to undermine their work. This paper discusses some effects that these ridicules that include nicknames might have, and finds out some of the ways these could be avoided in order to pursue the nursing career in full swing. The identity that the name ‘healers’ gives to the nurses sure uplifts their image and the impact of this is also discussed. Lastly, various perspectives from various spheres of the term ‘healer’ are compared with the current scenario and a conclusion summing up the general ideas of the paper finalizes the paper. Thesis: The name ‘healer’ is well deserved to nurses globally as they have shown the quality, commitment, compassion, and competence it takes to take part in the healing process of a patient, right from the beginning to the end. Introduction What rings in one’s mind with the mention of the word ‘Healer?’ The obvious guess would be the good doctor. ...
This argument may qualify the fact that indeed nurses are healers (Watson, 1985). A healer is defined as an individual who oversees the transformation of a patient from unsound or ill condition to a healthy form. Healing does not just comprise of putting one into a sound form, but rather, healing is an umbrella to many objectives that a patient should transcend on his or her way to recovery. These include psychological, physical and social healing. With the definition of healing looked at from this perception, one might rethink the reference of doctors as healers, and rather give that honor to the nurses. Nurses are professions in the medical world that carry the obligation of human care in the community, families or individual in order to foster recovery, maintain a healthy condition and live a healthy life. They have the most responsibility in the world of medicine apart from just being the doctor helper. They truly deserve to be called ‘healers’ because they are involved with a patient right from the beginning, to that very moment that the patients depart from the hospital. This paper shall carefully analyze the weight that this name carries and try to find the basis of the whole process of naming and some of the factors that go along naming. The name ‘healer’ is well deserved to nurses globally as they have shown the quality, commitment, compassion, and competence it takes to take part in the healing process of a patient, right from the beginning to the end. What’s in a name? Names go beyond the essence of just identity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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