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Child Health Care Practices: Childhood Obesity - Essay Example

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The study explores the increasing incidence of obesity especially among children and states that events like irregular eating habits give rise to many issues related with health problems and other disorders like depression and other inferiority complexes…
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Child Health Care Practices: Childhood Obesity
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Download file to see previous pages The research paper “Child Health Care Practices: Childhood Obesity” investigates the growth of obesity among children in not only developed nations but also in developing countries. Obesity is observed to be a growing menace in the lives of children all over the world. It is found that during the period ranging from 1989 to 1998 the rate of growth of obesity in United Kingdom increased from 5.4 to 9.2 percent. Similarly in country like United States the rate of growth of child obesity is found to rise from 6.5 percent during 1980s to around 18.8 percent during the period of 2004. This rise in child obesity conditions counted a dramatic rise in not only developed nations but also in developing countries. The intensity of rise in child obesity holds large amount of significance owing to several factors. Firstly the prevalence of obesity among children is a precondition of obesity for adolescents. Secondly the condition of being obsessed among children also amounts to the emergence of several chronic diseases pertaining to heart and bones. It is because owing to the factor of obesity the children reflected fear of attending schools and public spaces for the chances of being rebuked. In the fourth case the happening of obesity is also taken to contribute to the emergence of diabetes among children. In order to reduce the intensity of such menace the government of different countries need to become largely alert and must endeavor to measure the changes in ‘body mass index’ of the children....
Further it also focuses on the rise and development of nursing practices in such regard. Body Obesity Causes and Useful Recommendations Obesity or the tendencies of growing fat in children is seen to take the form of a growing epidemic among children of both developed and developing nations. Hills, King and Armstrong (2007) mention in this regard the main factors which lead to the rise in the event of obesity in children. Variations are observed among children in regards to their food habits, social and sporting events and also in the ways pertaining to their commutation to educational institutions. Children nowadays in sharp contrast to earlier ones are found to take resort to fast foods leaving alone food stuffs containing large quantity of fiber materials in them. This has led to the accumulation of body fat. Further again in regards to social and sporting events the children of the current era are more prone to sitting before computers and video consoles playing games avoiding outdoor activities. This has led to the rise of sedentary lifestyles leading to much obesity. Parents of the children also tend to increase the use of car while transporting their siblings to schools thus enhancing the sedentary effects in the children. Henceforth an increase in the intake of fibrous food articles together with enhancing the physical activities in the children need to be governed monitored and controlled by the parents to help them fight the growing epidemic of obesity (Hills, King and Armstrong, 2007, p.541-543). Impact of Childhood Obesity Syndrome on the Families and Society The rapid rise in the event of child obesity in both developed and developing countries has rendered deep impacts on both the families of the children and to the society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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