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Child Obesity, plaguing the nation for the future America: an in-depth study - Essay Example

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Obesity, like other health- related behaviors is one of the chief causes for disability. It is associated with heart disease, heart stroke, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Undoubtedly, childhood obesity is in rise throughout the United States as approximately 9 million of children in the US are obese or overweight…
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Child Obesity, plaguing the nation for the future America: an in-depth study
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Download file to see previous pages Excessive body fat means that more than 27% body fat for men and more than 22% for women this is for adults (Fletcher, 66). This condition then impairs the health of an individual. Body mass index is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared. Without a doubt, obesity is a prevalent problem that is detrimental to society and must be addressed for the health and the wealth of the future generations.
Obesity is not a simple disease resulted from one factor. But it is rather a chronic condition that develops as a result of genetic, behavioral and environmental factors. Factors influencing the occurrence of obesity in children are different among each child. a study by Meyer and Stunkard (1994) found in Bouchard, Claude. The Genetics of obesity, suggests that children from overweight parents are more likely to be obese themselves as genetic and dietary factors are one of the main causes of obesity (Fletcher, 88). Moreover, unhealthy home environments can also lead to obesity. For example the education system and the food industry clearly promote an unhealthy eating habits couple with no physical activity for children. These factors are key elements towards the rise of obesity rates in society.
Although genetics is a non-modifiable factor that affects obesity, it is an element that one cannot simply diminish. In essence, obesity can be genetically inherited....
eight or obese.-this is not evidence for solely genetics – children live with and therefore have the same diets and learn from parents so this data can reflect learning/environmental factors (“Get America Fit Foundation”). Another study referred by Fletcher (1999) suggests that 50% of the population has body weight genes controller which can make children leaving in an unhealthy homes likely to be obese. When a child is living in a home where television, video games, long hours of internet surfing are present, children are more likely to be engrossed in these activities rather than being physically active. In those homes, usually there is no time left for cooking healthy food(“Get America Fit Foundation”). Thus, the picture is pretty clear, consuming junk food along with the lack of physical activity yields to obesity. Psychologically and emotionally, obese children experience peer pressure for not having that perfect body shown on TV as the body to have. It is ironic how society wants people to have the perfect body but at the same time promotes unhealthy food to children. Consequently, children are faced with emotional distress because there are confused. A recent study shows that those obese children are more likely to have low self-esteem, depression, higher rates of anxiety disorders, and psychopathology (Taras & Potts-Datema, 2005). Since they are often discriminated and isolated in society, obese children are prone to fail academically. A recent study found in Taylor’s book about health psychology suggests that obese children scored lower and math and reading test because they lack self-esteem that is so vital towards their academic success. Clearly, the problem is prevalent in our society and must be addressed. Hence, I have a preposition to address ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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