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Smoking and Its Effects: How can Smoking be Discouraged - Essay Example

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This report shows how smoking badly affects the health of the people particularly those in Hong Kong, a city of South East Asia with an approximate population of five and half million people. A general survey conducted here shows that the habit of smoking is common among the people of Hong Kong…
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Smoking and Its Effects: How can Smoking be Discouraged
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Download file to see previous pages According to World Health Organization, tobacco is the second major reason for death. Today tobacco is responsible for one in ten deaths of adults in the world. As for a smoker, it thrills him very much for time being but kills him in turn. Smoking is never good for one’s body if it is used daily. There are substances within tobacco can cause cancer and other fatal diseases. The contents in tobacco are generally known as cancer causing agents. The effects of tobacco vary from person to person according to the users’ vulnerability to the chemical contents. It also depends on one’s immunity power. Every day, thousands of people around the world die due to medical complications caused by cigarette smoking. The major illness caused by smoking is lung cancer which can hardly be cured. If the current situation goes on it will cause around ten million deaths every year by 2020.
People of Hong Kong are affected with lung cancer due to smoking
Public Smoking has a number of vicious effects on human beings. In the first place, smoking is always an irritant to lungs. Smokers always succumb to continuous coughing which is popularly known as ‘‘smokers’ cough’’ due to damage to lungs caused by the substance. Smoking is the main reason for lung cancer. Reports show that around 99% of lung cancer is caused by chain smoking. It is a leading cause of death. Before 1930, lung cancer was less common in Hong Kong as people were not using tobacco extensively. But later on it gained momentum gradually. The chances of cancer get increased with number of cigarettes smoked and the time over which smoking has taken place. Lung cancer is common to men and it stands in the third row when it comes to women. In the year 2009, 3692 people died in Hong Kong due to lung cancer caused by tobacco (Centre for Health Protection, 2011). This was almost 29% of the total cancer caused deaths in Hong Kong. The symptoms of lung cancer are chest pain, coughing up to blood, suffocation and continuous gruffness of voice. In the beginning, one may feel complete fatigue and less appetite. Though lung cancer is supposed to be a disease of the elderly people it is most common even amongst youths these days. Often people fail to realize that they are affected with it until cancer start to spread to other parts of the body. According to Health and Epidemiology Bulletin, tobacco smoking and second hand smoking kills around 5500 people in a year and an average of 15 people here a day (Kong & Ching, 2003). In order to curb the wide use of tobacco the Hong Kong government has formulated policies which through a step by step process discourage smoking. The patients who undergo treatment for lung cancer include passive smokers too who became victims not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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