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Surgical lesion infection - Essay Example

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According to Harvard Medical Study,surgical lesion infection is the second largest type of unfavorable events.Mistakes during administration of some antibiotic prophylaxis before surgery has resulted in certain infections during some postoperative procedures …
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Surgical lesion infection
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Download file to see previous pages Preoperative hair removal is one of the risk factors associated with surgical site infection frequency. Orsi, Ferraro and Franchi (2005) discovered that hair removal using razor has a higher risk of surgical site infections. The use of clipping or depilatory creams is considered to be a better option. Furthermore, hair removal should be carried out immediately before surgery in order to decrease the risk of SSI. Tanner, Woodings and Moncaster (2006) also tested the hypothesis that preoperative hair removal is the cause of surgical site infection (SSI) in patients. However, the results demonstrated no dissimilarity in SSI between patients who have had undergone hair removal before surgery and those who have not. This study also supported the view that removal of hair using depilatory creams or clipping results in a few cases of SSI as compared to hair removal by with the help of a razor. Duggal , Beaumont and Jenkinson (2002) assert that it is essential to prevent and control infection in order to promote a safe environment which is a chief requirement of health care expert during clinical practice. Patients who are hospitalized are more likely to develop infections which can be due to organ transplantation, persistent procedures, immune suppressive drugs, etc. Damani (2003) states that nosocomial infections are the outcome of microbial growth in health care settings and negligence in procedures of infection control along with a weakened immunity system of patients. Bdareen (2011) explains that a study by WH shows high rates of nosocomial infections in ICUs and orthopedic and surgical wards. The common infections acquired in hospitals are urinary tract infection, infections of the gastrointestinal tract, skin and soft tissue disease, septicemia and infection of the lower respiratory tract. Widespread organisms are the general cause of most nosocomial infections. For instance, coliforms are the cause of urinary tract infections, S.aureus is the reason behind wound infections, pneumonia is due to S.pneumonae and the most serious and fatal septicemia is due to S.aureus, S.epidermidis and coliforms. Hospital-Acquired versus Community-Acquired Bacteria. Online image. Available from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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