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Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person - Essay Example

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This paper 'Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person" focuses on the fact that while some of us grew up with a musician's ear, others have no choice but to lend the musicians their ears. Whatever perspective we choose to look at, it remains that music is an inspiration to our lives. …
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Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person
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Extract of sample "Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person"

Download file to see previous pages The meaning of the lyrics fails to cultivate reactions in our hearts as the music produced is only based on the most popular beats.

Music is sounds placed together to form a tune. Human beings have been able to be motivated by sounds surrounding us in the world from the beginning of time. The start was hitting of rocks, wooing, and clapping. Evolution has brought about technology that is very crucial for the formation of music today. Technology has been able to summon the different sounds surrounding us into one tune, beat or note. Music creates an expression of emotional feelings, a language that connects all human races. Music is now the way of life, without which life would be very silent. Everyone would agree that communication is our way of life, therefore, music is a way for us to communicate our deepest, most intimate feelings. Some people choose to listen to music without lyrics while others choose to combine the two. Music brings out the inspiration to be true to ourselves, illustrate ideas to other people and our emotions and encourage others.

The Suburban War is a song by a Canadian Indies rock band named Arcade Fire. The song speaks of a grown man with the suburbs representing his childhood. The song is about following a different path in life leaving the past behind you. The individual being talked about in the song goes back to the suburbs and finds a different town with unfamiliar faces. The feeling is like visiting a very strange place. In the suburbs, the children grew up together until there came a time when each one had to choose his own path. It led to the separation. When a person in the song goes back to his suburban home, no one can recognize him due to the time that has passed apart.

The song interprets to mean one person who is completely different from the person he was during his childhood. The choices he made as a child determined what he is now. The two persons meet up when he goes back to the suburbs, his persona when he was a child that he seems to have left behind, and the changed persona.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person Essay.
(Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person Essay)
Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person Essay.
“Music and Inspiration for a Modern Person Essay”.
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