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The Classical Music Era - Essay Example

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An essay "The Classical Music Era" reports that the sweetness of a given piece of music all depends on the emotional drive it brings. This has become true over time because it is evident that the technical language of music is less understood by many people who listen to music…
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The Classical Music Era
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Download file to see previous pages Individual notes on a staff have various pitches and the choice of the pitch should be done with much care because very high pitches in a musical performance may distract the ear hence the musical piece may have a negative perception from people. This paper focuses on the various musical features that are used in writing music and how these features affected music in the classical era. Music is composed of various musical features that form the technical part of music because they are normally written in musical language that can only be interpreted by people with musical knowledge. A piece of music involves various notes with varying pitches arranged harmonically on a staff but with all these variations and additions, music can’t make sense to everybody unless words are inserted to match the notes. However, some notes contain pitches well organized to make a very good melody pleasing to the human ear. Musical pitches are produced by a varied genre of instruments including membranophones whose stretched membranes vibrate when they are beaten to produce sound e.g. drum sets and aerophones which when the air is blown into them, they vibrate to produce sound e.g. flutes. Chordophones, on the other hand, produce sound when a string on the instrument is plucked and such instruments normally have a resonator that amplifies the sound produced. The use of instruments in music brings makes it lively and more enjoyable even when the words are not being understood by the listener (Antonella & Cova 41). Good music involves a melody that is well arranged to produce the best form and notes harmonized to create correct chords that do not clash. When analyzing a particular piece of music, one can be able to tell the meaning of the song from the pitch and also the speed intervals at which the notes are organized. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Classical Music Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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