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Globalization and Music - Research Paper Example

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Brazilian music seems to have evolved just like the political demonstrators in the streets of the Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro. Brazilians seem to have generated an amusing, trendy and revitalizing new culture that has been manifested in their music. …
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Globalization and Music
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Download file to see previous pages In numerous regions across the world, the first few decades of the 20th century marked the immense movement of music across the world. One notable group that profited from the upsurge of technological innovation was the Beatles whose performance was the first to be satellite broadcast all over the world. The Beatles had also travelled all over the world and had made records in different languages. Arguably, the Beatles in many ways represented the first globalization of music and entertainment. This group had travelled to countries in Asia and Europe where they had performances. Another example is that of Bob Marley who became an internationally renowned music star in the 1970’s (Achterberg et al. 5). This wave of world music is as a result of the numerous waves of distribution, exchange, appropriation and movement. Notably, the changes in technology have also brought about the evolution of music through the advent of novel hybrid styles of music. These technologies are almost in all regions of the world and have allowed musicians and producers to reproduce music that appeals to all. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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