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Rap music often carries important messages - Essay Example

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It developed from a hip hop culture in 1970. New York was its birth place (Michael 6). Rap music is highly associated with the urban African-American culture. Even though this form of music has been associated with crime and immorality, rap…
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Rap music often carries important messages
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"Rap music often carries important messages"

Download file to see previous pages The song also mentions of suffering of children caught in between wars, high youth mortality, government and media deception and greed. Another popular rap song is "Runaway Love" by Ludacris featuring Mary J. Blige. The song is about the plight of young girls of age 9, 10 and 11. One is defiled by her mother’s prostitution client, the other loses her only friend in a shot out and the last one get pregnant at 11. These girls opt to run away from home which they compare with hell. This song end by giving encouragement to the girls that they are not alone. It exposes the suffering of the girl child from the ghetto through rap.
Rap songs often carry important information even though they are highly associated with “thug” life. The song titled “Where is the Love” by Black Eyed Peas advocates for love in the society and addresses several socio-economic problems. “Runaway Love” by Ludacris featuring Mary J. Blige brings out the plight of the girl child living in low income areas. Therefore, rap songs should not be generally judged as upholding criminality since they often carry important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exploring Positive Effects of Rap Music, rappers' use of posses and neighborhoods took the ghetto back into public consciousness. Furthermore, it satisfies the fundamental need of black American to own and make their territories acknowledged, recognized, and celebrated (pp.2-11). With the arrival of rock and roll music during 1950s, concerns arise about its lyrics and rhythms. Fears about its negative impact on young listeners caught roots and transmitted in twenty-first century. However, the criticism is primarily focused on heavy metal and rap now. It is often suggested that the lyrics and message in these types of music support and promote aggression, bigotry, illicit sexual...
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...the ghetto back into public consciousness. Furthermore, rap satisfies the fundamental need of black Americans to own and make their territories acknowledged, recognized, and celebrated (pp. 2-11). With the arrival of rock and roll music during the 1950s, concerns arose about its lyrics and rhythms. Fears about its negative impact on young listeners caught root. In the twenty-first century, these fears primarily focus on heavy metal and rap. It is often suggested that the lyrics and messages in these types of music support and promote aggression, bigotry, illicit sexual behavior, suicide, drug use, homicide, and violence (Ballard &...
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...of rap music, as these are associated with African-American beliefs and values. Rap music also constitutes rhythm, percussiveness, and call and response within its artistic grain and cultural settings. According to Maurice (1994), he admires rap music for the following reasons, mainly because the roots of the music are seen as: part of the African-American oral and musical tradition that encompass the hidden message of slave folktales; the call and response of the Black church; the joy and pain of the blues; the jive talk and slang of disc jockeys and jazz musicians; the boasting of...
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... music today is often criticised for its content, as it often brings valuable yet taboo issues to the forefront. Dr Dre, however went on to become the producer of such popular acts as Snoop Dogg, and Eminem, by creating an environment in which rap music could truly flourish at his label. Rap music as it exists currently, has strayed a bit from the political messages that it espoused even as late as a decade ago. In the beginning of Gangsta rap, lyrics focused on white racism and oppression of the black community, but more recent artists seem to express various pathologies in the community. No longer are their songs about social activism, and challenging government authorities, but they are about violence towards other blacks... are...
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...his own image under the influence of the Run D.M.C. band – that combined “traditional” rap values with romanticism, manliness and sexuality. In 1982, Public enemy released their record “The Message” speaking about the horrible conditions of life in the black ghetto – and that is how rap gained its status of ‘political music.’ At the end of the 80s, because of bands like Public Enemy and KRS-One, the propaganda of anarchy became the main content of rap. Rap singers inherited from “Black Panthers” the key words of their political lyrics, ‘Babylon’ or ‘the rotten world of the white cop,’ ‘motherfucker, which they did not invent – but it...
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Relation between Rap Music and Violence
...the ages of 14 and 18 from non- urban, lower socioeconomic neighborhoods, researchers found that compared to those who never or rarely watched these videos, the girls who viewed these gangsta videos for at least 14 hours per week were far more likely to practice numerous destructive behaviors. (Kirchheimer) The above research also concluded that the rap music listeners may hit the teachers three times more than an average teenager. Moreover these teenagers may have multiple sex partners and quiet often more volatile to the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol addiction. Teenage is a dangerous period of life. Teenagers are more volatile to dangerous things at this...
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The Truth about Rap Music
...with obstacles and at the same time conclude that if the rap artist was able to successfully succeed despite obstacles, surely the listener can too. What concerns anti-rap movements is the fact that the rhythm and rhyme of rap music increases its appeal giving the rap artist the power to be heard and enjoyed. However, this can be a positive thing when the rap song carries with it the kind of positive messages typically associated with the more successful and popular rap artists such as Black Eyed Peas. References Brown, M. and Bartee, R. (2007) Still Not Equal: Expanding...
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.... This is manifested in the different examples of naming that exist within rap music (Rose 39). Rappers make references to themselves to assert themselves and make sure that the rhymes, expressions and thoughts are permanently associated with them. Such new creations are, however, as a result of the tradition of the afro-American toast. Authorship of lyrics is fused with orally based creation of expressions and thoughts (Rose 39). Sampling involves re-conceptualization and not repetition (Rose 40). According to Rose, this is a way in which rappers can oppose the manipulative efforts of the recording industry. The music industry has not placed any policies against the use of portions...
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