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Motown era/ otis redding - Term Paper Example

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He is one of the foremost figures in soul and rhythm and blues music. His open-throated melodic was an influence on soul singers of the 1960s, and he developed…
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Motown era/ otis redding
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"Motown era/ otis redding"

Download file to see previous pages At the age of 15, he dropped out of school to help his financially struggling family by working with the band, The Up setters, and playing endowment shows for money. In 1958, he became a part of Johnny Jenkins band, the Pine toppers and linked with them on a United States tour as a driver and a musician. An unscheduled showing on a session led to a breakthrough in his career (Gillet 79). He had a recording deal with record label Stax Records and debuted the album, "Pain in My Heart". This album had his debut single on Stax records, "These Arms of Mine".
Initially he was more popular among African Americans, but with time, he became equally popular among the general American population. His first gigs were small gigs in the South. Internationally, Otis performed in Paris and London among other places. Because of his influence on other recording artists, he got referred to as the "king of soul."
Otis Redding gets viewed as the most influential gentleman soul artist of the 1960s, the Motown period. He was among the first artists to extend his appeal to Caucasian audiences with a tender, impulsive style that displayed smooth and sophisticated Motown music (Guralnick 84). Being among the influential soul musicians of the 60s, he characterized to the most music lovers of the time the power of deep soul and the hoarse, brassy arrangements, emotional manner and gritty vocals with both aching ballads and party tunes. Otis was the most consistent promoter of the Stax sound; he recorded his music at Memphis studios. This helped to transform Rhythm and Blues into modern day soul.
His live performances were as popular as his music recordings and his stage presence drove mobs wild. He became a favorite at venues like, the Howard Theater in Washington D.C, the Apollo in New York, the Whiskey A Go Go in California and at different venues in the South. Otis’ European trips, between 1966 and 1967, acquainted him with an all-inclusive new audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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