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Canset crotec - Essay Example

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They are a professional group of musician who are permanently in residence at Boston University. This means that they give concerts, teach graduate students and give master classes. They are a group of American…
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Canset crotec
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"Canset crotec"

Download file to see previous pages He has performed all over the world in some of the most famous orchestras. Lucia Lin started playing at a young age which the Chicago Symphony orchestra. This is one of the most famous American orchestras. The violist, Steven Ansell plays with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Michael. Michael Reynalds started with the Muir Quartet, 33 years of playing with the same group.
Mendelssohns Quartet in A minor, Op 13 is one of 6 quartets that he wrote in his life time. Mendelssohn lived from 1809 to 1847. This particular quartet was written in 1827. It was written in the typical late classical style. The colors of the piece are romantic. The quartet does not end with a finale but with a question mark . The textures are like a quartet. He wrote this one the year Beethoven died. He was only 18 years old There is a classical style with 4 movements. The tempo starts with an adagio and goes to an allegro to an andante and finishes with an adagio. Within the four movements, there are many variations. The first movements starts slowly and the last ends slowly which is with a romantic flair. He is ending on a question mark. Beethovens influence is highly heard.
The Dvorak Double Bass Quintet added a Bass instrument to the quartet. "This is one of Dvorak earlier and unknown of pieces" as spoken by the bass player when he explained more about the piece. We never learn his name. The cello becomes freer as he is no longer obliged to be accompany the other instruments. He becomes a soloist. There are times the cellist plays with the first violinist as a duet in the first movement.
This is really interesting for a quintet, the viola and the bass start with a 5 note theme that is repeated throughout the whole first movement, either in the 5 note theme or harmony or variations of rhythm.
Antoin Dvorak wrote this piece later in his career 1876. It is more in the classical quartet style of 4 movements than Mendelssohn but the orchestration is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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