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This short paper is a personal story of music experience during the childhood and how the music has changed the life of an author. …
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The Power of Music
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Information The Power of Music Beyond any doubt, music has a power that goes far beyond the spoken word and enables a person to grasp a feeling that can only be experienced through music. In my own life, there are times where music will make me experience a feeling just by the sound or rhythm of the notes that is unlike anything else. For instance, classical music has always had that effect. Most classical music does not have words or lyrics with it; however, the notes and composition of music impacts the soul in such a way that it can change your mood or force a person’s memory to recall a specific period of time, event or feeling. Whenever I listed to classical music, it calms me down and makes me think more clearly. I always use classical music as a tool for me whenever I am experiencing a lot of stress. However, it does not always have to be classical music. There are times when I exercise that I use rock music to get me excited to work out and push myself harder. I get mad and energized all at the same time. Music has always had the power to alter my mood at any time.
Although I have experienced a close relationship with music and certain musicians, my grandfather was a musician and had a love for music beyond anything I could even comprehend. He would stay up late at night writing sheet music and trying to put guitar chords together to create a song from scratch. The look in his eyes and the way he acted when he performed his music and created his songs was fascinating. Now that my grandfather has passed away, his music still has an incredible impact on our family. My mother will play some of his old cassette tapes and spend hours just listening to his music and the sound of his voice. She uses his music as a way to remember him now that he is deceased. There are even times I will walk into her room and she is crying while listening to his music. Music definitely has an incredible power and it is a power unlike anything else in the world. Read More
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