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The pianist of willesden lane - Movie Review Example

In the play virtuoso, Mona Golabek performs the world’s popular piano music as she narrates the catching story of her mother’s survival. The performance depicts hope, survival, portray the power of music, and help us to survive in the darkest challenges of our lives. Notably, the play Pianist of Willesden Lane deals with various themes, which include hope, power of music, survival, and love (Felder Film). Ideally, the director was saying that with love, faith, music, and hope, there is a chance for human beings to survive in difficult times. The director chose this time because it presented the challenges and adverse effects resulting from the Nazi regime. This play has relevance in our daily lives in that it restores our hope to survive the modern challenges. As such, I think the play was saying that the Nazi regime jeopardized many human but there was survival courtesy of faith, music, and hope. These factors are also relevant in addressing our daily challenges. The production time manifests the challenges at the Nazi regime and the subsequent factors that enabled the victims to survive. The setting of the play was in Vienna inn 1938 and London during the Blitzkrieg when people were running from strict laws under the Nazi regime. He also chose this time to show how humans survived during the Nazi regime. The play depicts the life of Lisa who was a survivor of the Nazi regime courtesy of the famous “kinder transport” which took Jewish children by train, from Vienna to England where distant

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The pianist of willesden lane
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The pianist of willesden lane
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family members or strangers were waiting for them (Felder Film). The fact that Lisa kept her music dream alive despite the challenges of the Nazi war shows how hope, faith, and music can enable us to survive hardships in our lives. The production setting and performance of the play is unique in that depicts the power of music. Notably, Golabek presents her story using passionate music by Grieg, Beethoven, and Chopin. Moreover, the play entails a solo performance where the actor acts as herself and as her mother. During the Nazi regime, music played a noble role of stimulating and calming listeners depicts the power of music. More so, Lisa’s desire and dream to perform in a piano concert motivated her to survive and defined her career success. Additionally, the solo performer assumes various roles as she co-writes the book "The Children of Willesden Lane," plays the piano, and acts in Hershey Felder's muscular stage adaptation. Furthermore, it is unique that solo performer, Golabek is Lisa Jura’s daughter which is a unique production element. The production theater presents an obstructed feeling. Indeed, the stage hosts a grand piano dominating center stage and four huge ornate silver and gold frames on the back wall from ceiling to floor (Felder Film). The photos inside the ornate picture frames range from family photos to footage of London bombings and preoccupy the audience eyes besides the magnificent performance by Golabek. Indeed, the photos depict the family and Vienna's Jews worsening fortunes as well as Lisa’s escape, which contradict the passionate music performance by Golabek. In fact, the director heightens the impact of the performance by using the large photos on stage. The play depicts overly melodramatic production where the solo performer depicts a perfect posture and projection up to when she is above 14 years old. Indeed, she is seemingly uncomfortable on the big stage as her hands hang restlessly at her sides, uses a poor German and British accent, and lacks the capacity to assume the roles of other


The Pianist of Willesden Lane is a play manifesting the true story of Lisa Jura, London Blitz survivor and a young Jewish musician whose dreams relate to her concert debut at the storied Musikverein concert hall. The play is an adaptation and publication by Hershey Felder. …
The pianist of willesden lane
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