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The author of the following essay 'The Hopkins and Miller Show' presents a live Jazz event at the Indianapolis Jazz Club, which is celebrating 53 years of traditional jazz, and it was the show by Robin Hopkins & Kathleen Miller and their band on Sunday, November 15, 2-5 p.m…
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The Hopkins and Miller Show
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 Various musical styles were performed at the show by banjoist Robin Hopkins and vocalist Kathleen Miller, in conjunction with their trio of world-class musicians. At the show, they drew on music that was written primarily during the first half of the twentieth century and every music note they played was a special treat to my ears and heart. Interestingly, they included Dixie, Broadway, swing tunes, and show stoppers in their extensive concert repertoire. “Their virtuoso musical talent, sincerity and contagious enthusiasm, come together for an unforgettable evening as Hopkins & Miller present their uplifting renditions from the Great American songbook in their own special way.” (The Hopkins and Miller Show) Significantly, Robin Hopkins and Kathleen Miller, along with their team of first-rate musicians, presented their unique program “Banjo Meets Broadway” to the excitement and appreciation of the audience, including me. The music from the Golden Age of the popular song the great Broadway show tunes and the instrumental features of the Hopkins and Miller Show particularly won the hearts of the audience. Read More
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