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This paper "Debussy's Most Famous Composition Claire De Lune" focuses on an impressionist song because it communicates a bunch of vague emotions. The lower notes fade out and the high notes dominate. I especially like this song because it feels like some tension has been resolved…
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Debussys Most Famous Composition Claire De Lune
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The song requires a great deal of dexterity from its performer, especially to keep the constant swarm of notes going. It is very brisk and seems to be in a great rush, bouncing off the walls at a dizzying pace. In the middle, it begins to slow down a bit, before playfully speeding up again. I find this to be a cheerful, funny piece, and can easily imagine people smiling as they try to dance to it.
2.) Discussion Questions: Art. The impressionist style of painting is characterized chiefly by concentration on the general impression produced by a scene or object and the use of unmixed primary colours and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light. -Nicholas Pioch
Impressionism is often a kind of soft-focus style of painting where the figures or objects appear in varying levels of detail. The world of light has more influence on our sight than you might expect, is what impressionist seem to be saying. They try to shift our allegiances from strict forms to a vaguer, airier world. They use soft colours that blend into one another and often capture pastoral scenes. They question how we perceive the world and what our visual prejudices might be.  Read More
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