Critique Four Different Types Of Music - Essay Example

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This is a quick characteristic of four songs: Banana Boat song, “Every time we say Goodbye” by Ella Fitzgerald, “Crossroad” by Robert Johnson, Gospel – “Amazing Grace” by Elvis Presley.
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Critique Four Different Types Of Music
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"Critique Four Different Types Of Music"

Tone – The main criteria for a folk song is its primitive or tribal tone which also forms the basis of this song.
Pitch – The pitch of this song is F.
Intensity – The intensity is light and frivolous filled with a lot of interaction and fun.
Duration – The duration of the song is quite long and consists of 6 minutes and 22 seconds.
Timbre – The timbre of the singer is raw and throaty with a lot of energy.

Tone – The tone of the song is melancholic and filled with a lot of sadness mixed with passion.

Pitch – The scale Ella Fitzgerald sings is in B Major.
Intensity – The song has great depth and intensity with high strings providing the obligato and backing. The double base gives an intense definition of the harmonic progression.
Duration – The song goes on for about 3 minutes and thirty five seconds.
Timbre – Ella Fitzgerald has a crooning alto timbre with an underlying tone of pathos. Read More
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