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Live Electronic Music An analysis and documentry of the last century - Essay Example

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This essay question explores the development of Electronic Music over the past many decades and how the post modern era has moulded it to its styles and tastes based upon aesthetic and political motivation, as well as focus upon particular composers…
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Live Electronic Music An analysis and documentry of the last century
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"Live Electronic Music An analysis and documentry of the last century"

Download file to see previous pages The last century or so has seen rapid developments in sound technologies where as the last 50 years have been particularly instrumental in changing the pith and substance of how music is viewed and perceived in popular culture and this has led to a rapid change in how music is “packaged” and “consumed”.This is particularly true for live electronic music where as the developments in electronic technologies over the last 50 years have dramatically changed it itself .Unlike the 19th century electronic music today is both live and recorded.However early influences saw most of electronic music experienced as live performance. ( Pinch and Bijsterveld 2004).
The current electronic music scene is based on individual performances through technologically mediated devices, such as a personal stereo or a personal computer that enables the downloading of MP3 files over the Internet. ( Pinch and Bijsterveld 2004)The recent years in particular have seen that there has been an increase in the inflow of electronic instruments like Theremin, Hammond Organ, the electric guitar, the synthesizer, and the digital sampler. The paper also explores how teechnologies such as the phonograph, tape-recorder, and compact disk have enabled ‘electronic sound’ to be produced, controlled, and manipulated without interference from musicians. ( Pinch and Bijsterveld 2004) ...
( Pinch and Bijsterveld 2004)The question remains though how such changes can be viewed in the context of music audiences and for the science and technology studies.Thus the paper has addressed in the context of live and recorded music based on the new technologies and music and how the use of new instruments, such as new varieties of electric guitars and violas; new means of manipulating and controlling sound through microphones, reverberation units, mixing consoles, and new forms of networking software and audiophilia holds for the future of electronic live music. ( Pinch and Bijsterveld 2004)This essay question explores the development of Electronic Music over the past many decades and how the post modern era has moulded it to its styles and tastes based upon aesthetic and political motivation, as well as focus upon particular composers. (Griffiths, P. 1995). Whilst remaining primarily historical some example works will be analysed in detail. However the focus will inevitably be upon how the past two decades have changed the face of music and this will entail a discussion how the younger crowd of musicians is bringing innovative styles and aesthetics into the spot light. (Griffiths, P. 1995).The most important thing to review here is that all these developments have reflected the changing technology of the times. (Griffiths, P. 1995).The 1980's saw the advent of the MIDI instruments and software which made the control of sophisticated instruments very easy and made the production of music out of the studios much cheaper. (Schwartz, S. 1993.).This further allowed the reintegration of Acoustic sounds to allow for the reintegration of Acoustic sounds through carefully sampled computer based musical instruments. (Schwartz, S. 1993.).This is particularly true ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Live Electronic Music An Analysis and Documentry of the Last Century Essay)
Live Electronic Music An Analysis and Documentry of the Last Century Essay.
“Live Electronic Music An Analysis and Documentry of the Last Century Essay”, n.d.
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