Music as a Means of Expressing Identity and Change in the Music Industry - Essay Example

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This essay describes the meaning of music in people's lives and how music industry changed with the time. Music is a tool used by listeners and fans to discover, to negotiate and to express their identities in terms of who they are as individuals and as collectives. …
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Music as a Means of Expressing Identity and Change in the Music Industry
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"Music as a Means of Expressing Identity and Change in the Music Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The message conveyed in the music was not necessary false, but it was exaggerated in some manner (Whitfield). A typical example is L. Wolfe Gilbert who depicted “The levee, in old Alabammy”. It should be noted that the state is one hundred and fifty miles east of any levees. L. Wolfe Gilbert had some knowledge about the Black Sea because he was born in Ukraine, but he had no knowledge of the Mississippi River. Therefore, singing about the levee when he had no knowledge of any levee was a way of presenting imagination as truth, through music. Those who knew the levees, listened to his music, and identified with it, expressing their identity, a form of forgery it was. Another example of false reality is George Gershwin’s biggest hit, “Swanee” (Whitfield). The musician, George Gershwin, presented in his music, information about the Suwannee River as a reality, but this was a forged reality. This is because George Gershwin and his lyricist visited the Suwannee River, only after their song had become so famous in the nation. This means that the two had no first hand experience or practical information about the Suwannee River, but they fantasised the information they sang about the river (Whitfield). That is why, during their visit to the river, they found the location not as impressive as expected, and were shocked on knowing the reality. Whoever who listened to the song, thinking that the artists knew the reality about what they were singing forged whatever the identity that s/he expressed about who s/he is. Nora Bayes produced soothing and famous hits such as ‘Shine On and Harvest Moon, but her song’s composer, Harry Von Tilzer was not a husbandman (Whitfield). The songs were used by listeners...
This "Music as a Means of Expressing Identity and Change in the Music Industry" essay outlines interesting point of view on the music and purposes in which people use it. Also, it researches the music of the history and its development. The music industry has gone through several cycles of corporate consolidation and diversification since the late 19th century. Often these swings occurred in response to technological innovations or legal proceedings. There various moments of change that music has passed through, and such moments have had some effects on the sound of popular music.
One such moment was the period when live performances lost their role in music. Initially, musicians performed their music live in clubs. The loss of the role of live performances in music led to led to the split of music genres. As a result, the use of discos where music was played in clubs became common. For instance, the Beatles made rock to be the most popular concert and album of their time (Wald). The making of rock the most popular concert and music of this time had a positive effect on the sound of popular music. There was more respect for popular music, as a result of this. It should also be noted that jazz music attained a widespread respectability as well, only after it had ceased to be a mainstream pop style. This is because he artists had capitalised on technological advancements to alter the beats of popular music.
Later, due to technological advancements, rock music was separated from its rhythmic and cultural roots. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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