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Answer those Questions - Assignment Example

12. Guiro Latin America Idiophone Gourd idiophone. Hollow gourd with analogous notches made in one side. 13.Cuatro Latin America (especially Puerto Rico) Chordophone 4 stringed short guitar. 14.Water Drum Native America (Iroquois, Wyandot, and Huron) Membranophone Skin drum. Drum filled with water with the covering of dry animal skin. Question 3 15. The traces of the origins of tango are found in Buenos Aires city in Argentina. Tango began among the poor and low class population inhabiting the slums of the city. 16. Bandoneon, Charango,Lute, Chirimia 17. Refer to the instructor’s notes 18. Vargas De Tecalitlan’ 19. The grand entrance: parade or gathering of all dancers on the dance arena. 20. Refer to instructor’s notes 21. Vocables are syllables or sounds that are meaningless or seem to have no meaning. Native Americans used vocables to create rhythm and tempo in their music. 22. The ghost dance 23. The countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Togo. It originated from the Yoruba religion. 24. Joropo is considered Venezuela’s national dance. Meanwhile, Tango is Argentina’s national dance. Finally, the Marinera dance is the Peruvian national dance. The Jarabe Tapatio dance is associated with the Mexican revolution. 25. The carnival was originally a religious celebration. It is usually celebrated in July. It is celebrated from the 22nd to the 26th of July because the people are also celebrating Saint James the Apostle Day (now known as the patron saint of Santiago de Cuba). 26. Blues genre

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A brief paragraph for each should be sufficient. Please note that credit will not be given for answers that have been copied from the textbook. When explaining a concept, you must provide specific examples other than
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Answer questions
ist ideology from the Conflict Perspective and describe how the stratification system produces deviants (not criminals, but rather those who fall outside the expectations in actions, thoughts, appearance, credit-score, etc) and the result of this labeling in terms of preserving
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Chucking Acronyms may not serve good justice to the readers. They therefore help in a reader-centered document. 2. For our cover pages: What will be our logo?
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Answer 10 questions after reading
They compare and contrast the meanings of some affected words a century earlier and now. They use the logic of additional detail and comparison and contrast. “Today we gawk at spectacles, but back then that
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Answer Questions
Buffers also hold the finite amount of the data. Additional information overflows in the adjacent buffer and overwrites the data held in the neighboring buffers. 10. You are periodically running vulnerability scans on your Web server. One day it
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Answer Questions
How concerned are you about this finding? Include your reasoning. These vulnerabilities are caused by errors in Mozilla maintenance service when interacting with
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Annalise those questions
My mothers side of the family are all just high school graduates. They never really impressed the importance of education on us. It was more of a personal decision for both my sister and myself.  I immediately started
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Annalise those questions
In addition, it is agreeable that those children and teenagers lack moral support and love from family members and other close relatives. Lack of moral support and appreciation to these foster children brings
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Answer Questions
However, in relation to central and South American states like Venezuela and Guatemala, United States’ homicide rate is commendable. The violent crime rates of the fifty states differ but not greatly. An average difference of 6-7% is not that much of a
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Answer these questions
ects; that though the knowledge used in the operation was somehow rudimentary, for there were no established institutions of learning, the principles employed in the limb reattachment resembled those used by orthopedic surgeons in modern day medicine, which to a great extent
2 pages (500 words)Assignment
is not a subset of jazz. Rural blues are mainly blues that had only a guitar accompaniment. They were mainly played in plantations and upcountry regions. Classic blues (also called classic female blues) are blues of the 1920’s which were mainly sung by black women singers. Electric blues are modern; they are accompanied by acoustics, bass guitar and drums. 27. Clave forms the basis of afro music, it consist of two bars that have three or two notes. It is essential to Cuban Music due to the essential part that it plays in popular Afro-Cuban rhythms. 28. The spirituals were invented in South America by the African-American slaves. The spirituals were part of church fellowships that the slaves engaged in on Sundays. Question 4 The Mariachi and the Mexican People The mariachi is closely linked to the Mexican people because if originated in Mexico. Mariachi originated from a western state in Mexico referred to as Jalisco. At the beginning the mariachi was a theatrical orchestra of Spanish origin. The musical instruments played included a harp, violins and guitars. The first mariachi group was from Jalisco and it was called Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan. The mariachi was first played by peasants. Additionally, people in the rural area were excited to be part of modern or urban music. The mariachi slowly became part of the Mexican culture. The mariachi is essential to many special occasions of the Mexican people. The Sereneta is one such occasion where the mariachi delivers a message of love to a woman on behalf of the man. Mariachis are also essential forms of entertainments during holidays, weddings, funerals, and baptism; it is also incorporated in mass proceedings of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico. Additionally, the mariachi is essential in celebrating saint’s day birthdays and saint’s day. A post modern mariachi group has two trumpets, a guitar, and six to eight violins. During performances, the mariachi wore long
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Music Name Date Question 1 Question 2 Instrument Country, tribe, region Category Brief Description 8.Diddley bow Africa American/ West Africa chordophone A single string stretched out between 2 nails on a cardboard. 9.washboard North America Idiophone Wooden idiophone…
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