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The Beatles Creative Process - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date Music - The Beatles Creative Process-MacDonald vs. Hertsgaard The Psychedelic era is descriptive of the era in the Sixties when the musical as well as social scene was greatly affected by the open use of psychedelic drugs. …
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The Beatles Creative Process
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"The Beatles Creative Process"

Download file to see previous pages Contrary to what was stated by Hertsgaard, Lennon’s aim was to experience the visions induced by LSD. Lennon researched on the writings of the American LSD specialists, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert in order to learn more about the drug. Even though Lennon would make music that described the vividness of his experiences under the influence of LSD, MacDonald stresses that this was not his initial aim when he first experimented with LSD. Timothy Leary, the American LSD user who promoted LSD use often touted it as a producer of supernatural experiences. He spoke of ‘altered consciousnesses’ that were basically spiritual experiences that could be spawned by using LSD. According to Mac Donald, “Lennon first used LSD for the purpose of experiencing spiritual revelation” (MacDonald 166). He even observed the instructions on drug use that were supplied by Leary in the book The Psychedelic Experience. He was so affected by his experiences under the influence of the drug that he recorded a song known as ‘the Void’ (MacDonald 166). According to MacDonald, the abuse of LSD actually influenced John Lennon’s moods as well as song writing skills in that he became mellower and less aggressive. Hertsgaard, in his book, ‘We all want to Change the World; Drugs, Politics, and Spirituality’, insinuates that ‘The Beatles’ were not “necessarily popular because of their musical efforts but because they chose to be a part of the 60s culture which supported more such as drug experimentation” (Hertsgaard, 192). According to Hertsgaard, Georhe Harrison and John Lennon were the first members of the group to experience LSD in 1966 when “their dentist drugged their coffee” (Hertsgaard 194). ...
d, Georhe Harrison and John Lennon were the first members of the group to experience LSD in 1966 when “their dentist drugged their coffee” (Hertsgaard 194). Paul McCartney would be the last member to experiment with the drug a year later. According to Hertsgaard, both Paul McCartney and John Lennon experienced odd sensations that they realized were the result of the mind altering LSD. The subsequent influence of LSD in the Beatle’s music, unlike what is stated by MacDonald, was an accidental result of the constancy with which the musicians would abuse LSD. According to Hertsgaard, Paul McCartney would state that “the use of LSD opened us to astounding experiences and coloured every single thing that we wrote” (Hertsgaard 195). In the accepting culture of the 60s, there was less social condemnation for people who chose to use drugs openly. Famous musical groups such as The Beatles’ open attitudes and praise of drugs caused their fans to want to experiment with hallucinogens such as LSD. Many fans of ‘The Beatles’ group, for instance, would listen to their music while using LSD so that they could partake in the mind changing experiences that John Lennon described in most of the songs that he sang. Many times, the group hardly bothered to try and hide their preferences in their many songs. Songs such as ‘Revolver’ and ‘Help!’, appear to have been created while under the influence of LSD. It has also been alleged by many that the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is actually in reference to the wonders of LSD, with the initials of the drug being represented in the song’s title. One song that showed the obvious effects of this experimentation is ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. The sound of this song is mostly made up of insistent drums, tape loops, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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