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The role of music within Apollo 13 movie clip - Essay Example

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In this essay, an author describes the role of music in a video on the Apollo 13 movie clip example.The music in a movie helps create a connection between the film and the audience. This helps set up movie flow, and the audience easily follows the mood set by the film…
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The role of music within Apollo 13 movie clip
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"The role of music within Apollo 13 movie clip"

Download file to see previous pages "The role of music within Apollo 13 movie clip" essay is an excellent and detailed analysis of how music helps a film to create the right atmosphere and to set up a connection with an audience. Apollo 13 is a movie that was released in 1995. Its set up is in spaceship where the three astronauts try to make moon landing. The three astronauts are Swigert, Lovell and Haise. The plot of this movie is delivered from the reality story that occurred in 1970 when NASA tried to land Apollo 13 on the moon (Jeffrey and Jim 2000, 10). The storyline has a mixed anxiety as it starts with the expectation of safe landing on the moon, but mid way, an explosion is heard. Astronauts’ life is in danger. This movie has approximately 20 soundtracks. The clip shows crew panicking. They are in a hurry to fix things even as they try to explain the problem to the control room staff. The spaceship meters and indicators drop. This immediately shows that the problem is bigger than any viewer could have imagined. The tempo of the music track increases its beats. This implies is supposed to heighten the imagination and anxiety of the audience. The audience must be kept guessing what may happens next to the crew (Jeffrey and Jim 2000, 88-97). The tension is reflected in the control room too. The track at this point starts to slow down its tempo. This is due to the fact that, the viewers and the audience may have started to be assured that the direct communication between the crew and control room was about to yield results. The music track’s sped and tone must be regulated to break the monotony and help reduce the levels of anxiety (Joey 2003, 105-108). The music use in the movie must flow as per the expectation of the viewers and help them await the outcome with ease. At this point, the crew is directed to the point where they can find crucial apparatus. The music seems to soften as they compose themselves as communicate with the control room staffs. The control room st ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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