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The Role of Music in the Requiem for a Dream - Movie Review Example

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The paper "The Role of Music in the Requiem for a Dream" investigates the relationship between sound and image in films. In ‘Requiem for a Dream’ music has a dominant role in forming the actions and character formation,  it is an essential means of communication which empirical and theoretical perceptions. …
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The Role of Music in the Requiem for a Dream
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Extract of sample "The Role of Music in the Requiem for a Dream"

Download file to see previous pages The film ‘Requiem For A Dream’ is based on a novel written by Hubert Selby Jr. Director Darren Aronofsky and soundtrack composer Clint Mansell have succeeded in implementing music in their movie which discusses various forms of addiction. In recent years film is generally considered as one of the most stunning art forms as it is very close to human life.  It is a part of common knowledge that music in films helps to illustrate the emotional content of the story, and it also manipulates the feelings, emotions, and sentiments of the viewers. Certain types of background music take the spectators directly to the real nature of the characters. Different types of movies utilize different types of music that are absolutely in harmony with the nature of the movie. For example, action movies use a very fast-moving tone whereas a tragic movie uses a different type of music that is capable of creating a sad and melancholic mood. Analyzing the film ‘Requiem for a Dream’, a viewer can realize that Darren Aronofsky, the director utilizes the possibilities of music completely in his film and it well exemplifies the strong link between music and film. The use of sharp string instruments helps the composer to create a kind of discomforting sound which is very apt for the present movie. The story develops through the lives of Sara Goldfarb, her beloved son Harry, Marion, Harry’s girlfriend and Tyrone, Harry’s friend. The opening part of the film includes fast-moving visuals and fast-moving characters but the music performs in a slow beat which gives the viewer a sense of gloomy or frustrating atmosphere. One of the striking facts in this film is Sara Goldfarb’s excessive use of drugs and her nightmarish disillusionment. Darren Aronofsky blends her movements and thoughts with discomforting music and it provides a kind of frustration to the mind of the audience. This is an instance from the film that clearly illustrates the elite role of music which can create sad and happy notes simultaneously. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Music in the Requiem for a Dream Movie Review.
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