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What is Bachs relationship to the very lengthy Baroque era of Western Art music - Essay Example


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What is Bachs relationship to the very lengthy Baroque era of Western Art music

In music, the difference among the nations is not only how the music was arranged, but also in performance. Bach used to write some cantatas, for instance, he did not do this because he found it to be motivating, but because the church of Leipzig had employed him. At St. Thomas, he composed over 200 church cantatas. In Germany, the music they formed in Lutheran church slowly became mingled with oratorio. The oratorio zeal ended in the good works of Bach. In the eighteenth century, Bach and Handel composed a number of concertos for harpsichord and his works in the orchestra included Brandenburg Concretos, orchestral suites and harpsichord concertos, which is one of the genres he made up. He achieved a lot in his choral works (Grout, Burkholder and Palisca 59). Bach achievement lied in the creation and progress of the initial contrapuntal idiom. He also expanded the vocal and recognized frame works of exemplary schools. His other achievement is his production of organ music that is thought to be one of the important heritages of compositions. His solo music with the keyboard was also highly esteemed. The genres that are related to his achievement were cantatas and oratorios. Beethoven is often understood as a bridge between the Classical and Romantic eras, not quite belonging to either. Please discuss both sides of his work, including reference to at least 2 pieces. Examine also his relationship to Sonata-Allegro form. Beethoven was seen as an evolutionary between the classical and romantic

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Baroque Music.Org said the English word baroque was derived from the Italian word barocco, meaning bizarre. It said the use of this term originated in the 1860s, describing “the highly decorated style of 17th and 18th century religious and public buildings in Italy, Germany and Austria.” It added that it was typified by the “very baroque angelic organist”.
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The Baroque genre originated out of Italy in the early 1600’s and spread throughout the rest of Europe. There were many different forms of Baroque in paintings, sculptures, architecture, literature, philosophy, and music. Baroque genre is distinctive for evoking emotions in those who show an interest in it. This is done by appealing to the emotions .
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The word Baroque originated from the Portuguese barroco. Since nineteenth century, a myriad of artists have commonly used the word to describe the duration of Western European different pieces from 1600 to 1750. It is a special music and art that emphasizes on strain effect known by boldness, elaborate ornamentation, curving forms.
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Music is a universal language, which brings together people from all around the world in a unified sphere where they can communicate with each another through the audio medium. Music has undergone several transformations over the past centuries and in order to truly understand music, one must be familiar with the various changes.
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It is apparent that the modern art has for a long time undergone continuous changes as the art industry continue to change due to inevitable influences from economic, political, social and religious factors. The world has seen massive transformations in the state of the modern art where it remains evident that contemporary art differs from art.
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Art has been associated with propaganda, especially religious propaganda. They are social commentary images that try to persuade people towards a particular viewpoint. For example, such forms of art were used in the exploration and colonization of the New World where religious doctrines and viewpoints were demonstrated through visual arts.
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The Baroque Era
It is with no doubt that Art and culture have existed for many centuries growing in tandem with one another. The one art style that I find interesting is the Baroque style. That is because of the combination of various techniques in communicating the cultures and activities going on the society artistically. It helps in identifying or the societal norms.
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music. Beethoven was perceived to be classical because he expanded the boundaries of the classical music but never altered its originality as the other composers did after him. Symphony no.6, Pastoral, is known as one of the songs that link the gap in classical and romantic era. The piece is classical because of its origin. However, it can be also viewed as romantic because it has influence on the natural world. Beethoven’s music was thought to be romantic because the song was about flowers. This made the songs less boring because the songs that were produced before were boring. Beethoven’s ability to put together dissimilar keys and notes that were not usually used released a harmonic which created a sense of musical and empirical space in which the music moved. During the romantic era, Beethoven manipulated the old culture to the new. He wrote more than five symphonies. The famous symphony was no. 5 because it was so entertaining. In sonata, most work is for the instrument either one or two while in symphony it is for the whole group. The main thing that distinguishes sonatas of the classical period and symphonies is that the number of movements in sonata is three while in symphony, they are four. In 1970s, the initial movements were made up in sonata form. In the romantic era, sonata form allowed instrumental music. In 1795, Beethoven released piano sonatas that had four movements and later again he published piano sonata with two movements. Sonata helps in knowing distinguishing different keys. Beethoven, therefore, expanded this thought of sonata form. Within the stylistic norms of the classical period, please identify characteristics of Mozart’s music that make it unique. Include the G major symphony #40 in your discussion (at least Mvmt 1). Mozart learnt a lot from Haydn especially the symphonies. He tried and arrived at the peak of Beethoven’
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This essay is dedicated to the Western Music, especially era of Beethoven and Romantic Classics. This paper is two pages long, but still informative and useful…
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What is Bachs relationship to the very lengthy Baroque era of Western Art music
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