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An Evaluation of Fossil Fuel,Hybrid Energies Alternative Fuel - Essay Example

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Abstract This paper deals with an evaluation of fossil fuels and hybrid energies as alternate fuels, and a comparison between the two energy forms. The supply of abundant, clean, and affordable energy is paramount for the development and industrialization of society, and it is for this purpose that effort needs to be made to research alternate sources of clean and limitless energy so that it can cater to the growing demands of the expanding population…
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An Evaluation of Fossil Fuel,Hybrid Energies Alternative Fuel
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Download file to see previous pages It concludes by recommending an amalgamation of the two energy forms, and increased development of the hybrid energy sources, so that an endless supply of cheap and clean energy can be provided. Harris Kamran Environmental Studies Research Paper 11 August 2011 An evaluation of fossil fuels and hybrid energies as alternate fuel Background: The availability of abundant, cheap, and clean energy is a prerequisite for the advancement and progress of any country, both in terms of technology and society (Eltawil, Zhengming, & Yuan, 2009). This means that energy supplies make the bedrock of development. The most commonly used forms of energy come from the traditional sources, which are termed fossil fuels due to the process of their development; these fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas (Glaser, 1968), and originate from the fossilized remains of plants and animals. Hence, they are organic in nature, and widely available around the world (Glaser, 1968), since their availability does not depend upon artificially generated raw materials or rare minerals. These fuels have been widely used all over the world for energy production, not only because of their rampant availability, but also because of their cheap production costs and low cost of the yield (Glaser, 1968). However, the produce is often not well-refined, or even if it is refined, it is not entirely clean, so that these forms of energy are associated with phenomena such as greenhouse gases and global warming (Glaser, 1968). Owing to their organic composition, these fuels give off copious amounts of carbon, sulfur, and other chemicals when burned, leasing not only to the destruction of the ozone layer (Glaser, 1968), but also to human medical conditions and the destruction of ecosystems (Keatinge & Donaldson, 2004). These threats to the well-being of the geo-sphere at large have resulted in a concern about their continued and increased used by the growing population (Glaser, 1968), and experts have expressed doubt about the safety and practicality of these fuels in the present day society (Glaser, 1968). Another issue is the limited, albeit abundant, supply of these fuels, which is threatened to run out anytime in the future (Glaser, 1968). Due to these reasons, there is an increased research into hybrid forms of energy as alternate energy sources. These energy sources include, but are not limited to, solar power, hydropower, hydrogen fuel cells, techniques such as MED, MSF, and Reverse Osmosis, wind energy, tidal energy, biofuel, and other techniques that offer a relatively clean and unlimited supply of energy (Eltawil, Zhengming, & Yuan, 2009). This paper purports to discuss some of these alternate energy sources, especially as they compare to the traditional fossil fuels, to determine the worth and value of these hybrid energy sources in the mainstream market and their application both industrially and domestically. It begins with by presenting the advantages and disadvantages of both energy forms, discussing the infrastructure and policies of the government with regard to the development of these energy forms, a comparison of the impact on the environment of these energies, both the traditional and hybrid forms, comparison and discussion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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